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How to Convert F4V to FLV Format in Windows/Mac

Since you've come here, chances are that you have downloaded some F4V video files from the Web but only to find the F4V videos can't be played with your Flash player. Or you want to share the F4V files to video sharing sites that have a better support for FLV. If it's the case, just follow this tutorial to convert F4V to FLV and have a general idea about the differences between F4V and FLV.

First, to convert F4V format to FLV, you need a video converter program. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, as one of the leading video converters, can convert F4V videos to FLV quickly while retaining the high video quality. This program is fully compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and the equivalent Mac version well supports Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 Mountain Lion. Download the converter and follow the steps below to finish the conversion with ease.

Download F4V to FLV Converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to convert F4V format to FLV easily and quickly

Video converter for Windows screenshots here are used to show you how to finish your task in details. The way to convert F4V videos to FLV on Mac OS X is almost the same. Guided by the intuitive interface, you can get all done quickly.

1Add F4V files to the converter

Run the program and click Add Files to import M4V videos to the program. Or simply drag and drop to add the video files. When the videos are loaded, you can preview them, take snapshots, edit them, choose subtitle and audio tracks and more as you like.

convert f4v to flv

2Select FLV output profile

Next, click Output Format on the right and choose an output file format. To convert F4V to FLV, simply click Format > Web and set FLV as the output video format. (If you want to convert the videos for sharing on YouTube, you can directly choose YouTube as the output format to get videos with the best settings for YouTube.) At the same time, set up the Output Folder to save the converted FLV videos.

f4v to flv converter

3 Start to convert F4V to FLV

The last step is to click the Convert button and let the software do the conversion immediately. After the conversion, you can click Open Folder to get the converted FLV videos and enjoy them on any FLV player.

Below is the video tutorial about how to convert F4V to FLV:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

F4V vs FLV:

FLV and F4V are both Flash Video, which is developed by Adobe. Both of them are used to deliver videos over the Internet via Adobe Flash Player. However, there are some differences between F4V and FLV. Here are some details.

1. About F4V

F4V is a new type of FLV file, which is encoded based on the ISO base media file format (MPEG-4 Part 2). The advantage of F4V over FLV is that it can stream H.264 or AAC content in a better quality when other conditions are the same. Now more and more mainstream video-sharing websites accept F4V format and it's said to be the future of the old FLV format. The supported video/image/audio types in F4V file format include H.264, GIF, PNG, JPEG, AAC, HE-AAC and MP3.

2. About FLV

FLV, short for Flash Videos, is a popular video format for distributing videos on the Web. Usually, it contains content that are encoded following Sorenson Spart or VP 6 video compression formats. FLV is playable on most operating systems with Adobe Flash Player or other programs. Unlike F4V, FLV file format supports the following media types: On2 VP6, Sorenson Spark, Screen video, H.264, MP3, ADPCM, Linear PCM, Nellymoser, Speex, etc.

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Tried this utility, and was sorely disappointed. The trial version only converts a small portion (about 1/3rd) of the original file, unless you buy a $42 license. That was not disclosed prior to the download, and in my opinion, constitutes less than full disclosure. Recommend against this utility.
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