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How to Rip Redbox DVD to Video and Audio

Often rent DVD movies from Redbox? Want to rip Redbox DVD to your computer so that you can watch it some other time or transfer it to your portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC, Samsung, Archos, Blackberry, Motorola, etc.? You are definitely right being here! Just keep on reading to find out how to copy Redbox DVD to video files or extract audio from Redbox DVD.

All you need is a professional DVD ripping software that can convert Redbox DVD to video/audio bypassing the DVD copy protection. Here Aimersoft best DVD ripper is suggested to help you rip Redbox DVD to video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, etc. and audio formats like MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc. smoothly. If you are a Mac user, you can use the equivalent Aimersoft best Mac DVD ripper to convert Redbox DVD on Mac (Lion and Mountain Lion included). Now just download this Redbox DVD Ripper and follow the guide to accomplish your task.

Download Redbox DVD Ripper:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to rip Redbox DVD easily and fast

The below guide uses DVD Ripper for Windows screenshots to illustrate how to convert Redbox DVD to video/audio. The method to rip Redbox DVD on Mac is almost the same. Just make sure you have got the right version.

1Load the Redbox DVD files

Launch Aimersoft DVD Ripper and insert the Redbox DVD to your DVD drive. Then click the "Load DVD" button to select the DVD movies you want to convert. All the added files can be previewed and you are free to take snapshots of the videos while previewing.

rip redbox dvd

2Choose the video/audio format you prefer

Click "Profile" and you will have many choices of the output format. Just choose the format you prefer. If you want to play the DVD movies on a certain device, you can find the corresponding icon of the device to get videos with optimized settings. For instance, if you want to play Redbox DVD on iPad, simply select "Apple" > "iPad".

copy redbox dvd

3Start ripping Redbox DVD movies

When the settings are done, go back to the main interface and click the "Start" button to begin converting Redbox DVD to video/audio. The software will do the rest for you automatically and there will be a progress bar showing you how long it will take. When the conversion finishes, click "Find Target" to find the ripped Redbox movies and play them anywhere you like.

Below is the video tutorial on how to rip Redbox to video/audio format:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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I''ve had an older version of this product for maybe 2 years now; works like a charm. I know your a business and sell merchandise (at a fair price) earning profits. These narrow-minded twits who just want something for free and all they can do is curse need a dose of reality and some manners too.
Yeah this is a piece of shit. You download it for free however then you have to pay an ass ton for whichever movie you want to burn. Get all the setting the way you want, then click start. You will receive the message telling you that your video will have a watermark, which I don''t mind, and that the movie will be shortened to 3 minutes unless you purchase the full program. Fuck this program, the whole point of wanting a free program is for the FREE part. Meaning that no part of the program should ask for a penny from me. Screw yourself Mr Program. Have a nice day.
can you burn to a disk when done
The link you posted for transfer via Itunes does not work. What is the procedure?
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, Kenzie. You can transfer this movies to iPod via iTunes. Here's the procedure: http://support.aimersoft.com/how-tos/transfer-files-to-iphone-ipod-ipad.html
After you have the movie on your computer how do you put it on your ipod?
Aimersoft Employee
 Hi, Sally, most regular DVD discs are supported.
Kaitlyn Willis
How cool it would be to have all our favorite Redbox DVDs saved on our computer to watch later - I am going to be trying this software!
So how is a Redbox DVD movie different from others, such as a DVD from Netflix? Or does this work on all DVD's?
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