Easy Way to Rip DVD in FFmpeg

What is ffmpeg?

FFmpeg is basically a tool which executes a decoder and after that an encoder. This permits the clients to change over records starting with one structure then onto the next. As a sample, with FFmpeg, you can get a VOB record from a DVD containing MPEG2 vedio, an AVI document from AC3 sound or proselyte a MP3 sound to a 3GP record. You would be pondering, why you have to do such sort of a transformation. This is on account of, when in crude arrangement, or unique organization, Audio and Video records are tremendous and devour a ton of storage room.

Part 1. How to Rip DVD with FFmpeg ?

how to rip dvd in ffmpeg

FFmpeg is a quick feature and sound converter that can likewise get from a live sound/feature source. It can likewise change over between arbitrary sample rates and resize feature on the fly with a top notch polyphone channel.

FFmpeg reads from a discretionary number of inputs "documents", indicated by the -i alternative, and writes arbitrary number of output i.e. files, which are determined by a plain o/p filename. Anything found on the command line which can't be translated as a choice is thought to be a output filename.

To rip DVD motion picture to ogg arrangement utilizing FFmpeg, take after these steps.

step1: Discover the Vob records on the mounted feature DVD in VIDEO_TS that stores the film itself. There would be a couple of other VOB documents that stores sprinkle screen or extraordinary features, the vob records for the motion picture itself can be recognized by its superior size. You can verify these vob documents by playing them directly with a player (e.g. mplayer)

step2: Connect all such vob documents, channel to FFmpeg

step3:Compute the video size and crop size. The ogg vedio size needs to be a multiple of 16 from both width and height; this is acquiring constraint of theora codec.

Part 2. Recommend Another Effective Way to Rip DVD

ffmpeg dvd rip

Aimersoft DVD Ripper is the best and the speediest DVD ripping software in the market that will change over any DVD motion pictures to all mainstream SD and HD video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MPEG, TP, TRP, HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MOV, and so forth and any gadgets playable formats. Once you install it and use it your DVD enjoyment will increase. It can’t be simpler and easier than that. Just get it.

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dvd rip in ffmpeg

Step 1. Open the Drive

Insert the DVD in your PC that you want to rip, now open the drive in which your DVD is present.

ffmpeg rip dvd

Step 2.Save Folder

Copy the content of the DVD on the hard drive or the server. Find the folder in your DVD drive that contain the video and save it on your hard drive.

Step 3.Download Transcoding Software

Now you need transcoding software, you can easily download one from the variety of transcoding software’s present on net.

Step 4.Open Source

You are half way through; just open the source for the DVD that you want to rip within your chosen trans-coding software.

Step 5.Save and Change

Decide where you want to save your movie? Now from different tabs present you can change the sound tracks, audio codec’s for your DVD.

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