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How to Rip DVD for Playing on Vizio Tablet VTAB1008

Vizio Tablet VTAB1008 must have provided you much more fun in watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and Hulu Plus. In fact, you can also enrich your digital entertainment on the Vizio Tablet VTAB1008 by copying your favorite DVD movies to it for watching on the go. Seems troublesome because VTAB1008 doesn't have a DVD drive? In this article, you will learn how to import DVD to VTAB with ease.

As has been mentioned above, Vizio Tablet VTAB1008 doesn't have a DVD drive for playing DVD movies. What you need to do now is to convert DVD to VTAB1008 supported video format like H.264 MP4 with a DVD converter. There are many programs can do you a favor in this job. Among them, Aimersoft movie ripper stands out because of is ease-to-use and high stability. With it, you can easily rip DVD Vizio Tablet VTAB1008 supported MP4 video files bypassing the DVD copy protection. If you are using a Mac, you can turn to Aimersoft DVD ripper OS X. Now just get the DVD ripper and follow the steps to achieve your task.

Download DVD to VTAB1008 Converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Ripper

How to rip DVD to VATB1008 MP4 with ease

You can finish comverting DVD in the following three simple steps. You should take note that the below tutorial uses DVD Ripper for Windows version screenshots. The steps to convert DVD to VATB1008 on Mac are the same. Just make sure to download the right version according to your needs.

1Load DVD movies

You can add DVD movies to the program by clicking the "Load DVD" button on the main interface and select DVD folder from your hard drive. The loaded DVD files will be presented on the left source pane and you can preview the videos on the right as the below picture shows.

convert dvd to vtab1008

2Select the output video format as MP4

Then you can go to "Profile" and select "MP4 Video" as the output video format, which is well supported by VTAB1008. If you like, you can click "Settings" to customized the video bit rate, frame rate, etc.

rip dvd to vtab1008

3Start ripping DVD to Vizio Tablet

The last step is to tap the "Start" button on the main interface to begin converting DVD movies to VTAB1008. When the conversion finishes, you can click "Find Target" to locate the ripped video files and transfer them to your VTAB1008 with ease.

Download Windows Version Download Mac DVD Ripper

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Hello, you can connect your tablet to computer with a USB cable. Then you can drag the videos to your tablet.
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uhhh... I know this sounds stupid, but what do I do with the mp4? How do I get it onto the tablet?
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