Music Station Comparison - MOG vs Rdio

The way we consume our media has shifted drastically with the rise in popularity of smartphones and the availability of fast internet connections wherever we are. This is especially true of audio, with streaming music rather than buying individual tracks becoming ever more popular, but what options are available to do this. We look at a couple of the most popular music streaming services to see how good they are and if streaming is a complete solution in itself. Here's the comparison on MOG vs Rdio.

Part 1. The Differences between MOG and Rdio

#1. MOG

MOG is a website that offers music streaming to your internet capable devices, whether mobile, laptop or desktop. With over 16 million tracks, the ability to craft your own playlists, or for a mix tune into the preset radio stations that can focus on music style or even individual artists. It includes some social aspects as well, allowing you to share your favorite tracks or playlists with friends so they can give them a try too.

mog vs rdio

#2. Rdio

Rdio is the other popular website for music streaming, using ads to fund the free version; it is available via apps for your mobile device, or the website itself as well as a windows or OS X app for desktops and laptops. With a catalogue of over 30 million tracks it is by far the most comprehensive of this kind of service, and works around the concept of stations where you can listen to tunes from genres, styles or artists.

rdio vs mog

Part 2. How to Download Unlimited Songs from Sites like MOG and Rdio

Both of these services allow you to download tracks, but are limited in both functionality and availability. The best alternative solution here is Aimersoft Music Recorder for Windows (or Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac). This Music Recorder operates using a zero quality loss system and enables you to record from either MOG or Rdio and over 500 other streaming sites as well. It includes a wide variety of added features that really make the process easier than either native solution, and in particular for the free Rdio ad supported solution (that has no download option at all) a range of options to help you quickly create your music library safely on your hard drive.

Aimersoft Music Recorder is able to not only easily download stations and individual tracks in high quality, but can also automatically identify each track using the industry standard ID3 tag system. In addition, it can automatically strip out ads on the fly and to make things easy to use the produced files, can export the entire created library into iTunes with a single button press.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Record Music from Online Music Sites

Aimersoft Music Recorder is also incredibly easy to use, and recording your favorite Rdio or MOG station can be accomplished in just a few simple steps.

Step 1. Record Online Music

The first action is to launch Music Recorder for Mac, it is a very simple user interface with just one big red Record button at the top left. Pressing this puts the program into record mode ready to do its job.

Next, you either browser to the Rdio or MOG website or launch the desktop player, whichever you prefer, log into your account and start your favorite station playing. Audio recorder for Mac will automatically detect the music and begin recording. It will continue to do so until you stop recording, stripping out ads along the way.

download mog and rdio

Step 2. Mange the Recorded Music

The program automatically saves each track as an individual file, tagging it with the track name, artists, album and genre as it goes for easy searching later. You can also control click on the music and select Edit Music Tags to compile the songs' information.

Aimersoft Music Recorder offers you a one click solution to import music to iTunes from the application. All you need to do is to click the Add to iTunes button at the bottom of the interface. If you prefer to burn music to a CD for long-term preservation, you can click Toolkit > Burn CD to accomplish the task. It really is that simple, and presents the best solution for quickly building up your music library from your Rdio or MOG subscription.

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