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How to Easily Download Xbox Music for Offline Listening

To download Xbox music for offline listening there is a further fee. You can purchase your favourite songs to keep on your Xbox, smartphone, tablet or PC, provided that you are running the Windows 8 Operating System on these items. Xbox Music clients have now been created for Android and Apple devices also, however do not give the full ability of the software available for Windows 8. If you choose to cancel your monthly Xbox Music pass, the songs you have bought from Xbox Live will still be available on your devices.

Because you purchased the music it is your property and Xbox Live cannot place ads or a limit in the play of your purchased downloads. You will, however, be downgraded in your streaming ability, and will be forced to endure time limits and ads when you attempt to stream in the future.

Because you can access Xbox Live music from your home PC, you are able to download and keep any song you want simply by installing some software. A product such as Aimersoft Music Recorder allows you to be able to download music from many different sources, not just from Xbox live. This means that if you want to be able to download different music from YouTube or MySpace as well as from the streaming option from Xbox live, you are able to do this with the same software package - you do not have to install a different downloader every time you want to download a song from the internet.

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There are several different ways in which you can play music through your Xbox. The old, tried and true method is the most simple for people who are not technologically savvy and do not wish to pay for music. We all know that the Xbox plays Audio CD’s. All you need to do is insert an audio CD into your Xbox and select the option to ‘Rip Music.’ This will transfer the entire contents of the CD onto your Xbox hard drive. The Xbox is also compatible with iPods and MP3 players, so you are able to plug these in to your Xbox and play the music that you have stored on these devices.

Using Xbox Live, which is an internet account you can use to play games with other people online, you can also synchronise your playlists across devices such as your phone or computer. You can also download music from Xbox Live, as well as stream free audio to your Xbox.

What exactly Xbox Live is

Xbox Live is a free account that you can open with Microsoft that allows you to connect your Xbox to the internet. Having an account like this means that you have access to additional material for games, you can see how well you are doing compared to other players around the world, and if you are willing to pay for an Xbox Gold membership, you can even play multiplayer games with people across the world from the comfort of your own home. An Xbox live account also gives you access to be able to download songs from Xbox Live, as well as a wide range of other content including videos and game trials or demos.

Xbox music is available in a number of countries around the world, you can check on the Xbox live page if it is available to you. In some places, free music streaming is not allowed, but you are still able to buy a subscription to the Xbox music service. A free Xbox live account will give you access to a limited number of hours per month of music, and will be streamed to you with advertisements. Sometimes these are full screen advertisements that take over for a few seconds between songs; sometimes you will hear a voice-over ad during the play of a song. If you want unlimited access to all your favourite music, without the advertising material, you can purchase an Xbox Music Pass. The pass is an additional cost to any other paid subscriptions - like an Xbox Gold membership -that you have with Microsoft for your Xbox. The pass gives you access to millions of songs and albums that you can stream at any time without the annoying voice over advertising. There are over 30 million tracks in the Xbox Music catalogue, making it one of the largest online music directories in the world.

The Xbox music pass is convenient and easy to use for any music lover, but as it comes at a cost, you need to find out if it is right for you. Xbox Live offer a free 30 day trial, and at the end of this trial your credit card will be automatically billed for the next month of use. If the Xbox music pass is not for you, you need to cancel your subscription before the end of your 30 day trial.

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