How to Download Thanksgiving Songs to MP3 for Free

Just like Christmas Carols are meant to set the right mood for Christmas, Thanksgiving Songs are meant to heighten the spirit of Thanksgiving. Because they are they are specific to Thanksgiving Day, these are not the kind you listen to everyday implying that most people have to look for them. An easy and convenient way of enjoying Thanksgiving songs is to download Thanksgiving songs to MP3 for storage in your local hard drive, so that you can play them anytime.

Best Tool to Download Thanksgiving Songs to MP3

You can download Thanksgiving songs easily with the help of Aimersoft Music Recorder for Windows (or Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac). It helps you record audio from various music sites, and also from several online video repositories including YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Hulu and more. And you can get an MP3 music file in high quality with this gadget.

download thanksgiving songs to mp3

Key Features of Aimersoft Music Recorder:

  • One of the features which make Aimersoft Music Recorder standout is the quality of its recordings. What you get is 100% original quality irrespective of the repository from which a song is sourced. This is made possible by its use of a virtual sound card to download audio to MP3 or if you prefer M4A. Apart from the exceptional recording quality, you would also like to note that you can use the software to customize low quality MP3 songs so that they become high quality.
  • With Aimersoft Music Recorder, you do not have to worry about ads. The software automatically or rather miraculously eliminates any advertisements between your audio tracks. Besides, it automatically splits tracks and stores each song individually by separating audio files.
  • ID3 tag is used to store information about an MP3 within the audio file. Aimersoft Music Recorder comes with ID3 tag identification technology . It is hence capable of identifying and tagging music with information about the artist, album, and genre. Additionally, it allows you to manually edit any ID3 tag which came with a mistake.
  • It is easy to record music directly to iTunes using the "Add to iTunes" button. Other capabilities include creation of ringtones using your recorded music, and an integrated music player which you can use to play your songs. In this context, you can use the software to create a Thanksgiving Day playlist.

How to Download Thanksgiving Songs to MP3

Step 1. Launch the audio recorder

To record Thanksgiving Songs to MP3, you will first need to launch the Aimersoft Music Recorder. Click on the "Record" button which is placed on the top left corner of the software's interface, and the program will be ready for working.

download thanksgiving music to mp3

Step 2. Set up the output format

Note that while recording, the software can either output songs to an MP3 file or to an M4A file. You can switch between these two formats by choosing "Preferences" from the top menu bar, Click on "Format" after which you can choose a desired preset from the resulting drop-down menu.

how to download thanksgiving music to mp3

Step 3. Start downloading Thanksgiving songs

Now find your favorite Thanksgiving songs and play it. The program will detect the songs and automatically record them. It can split tracks and separate them for you. So you can sit back and wait for the songs.

After your music is successfully downloaded, navigate to the “Library” tab to view the audio file. Right click on a song and choose identify track info to check its ID3 tags which can be edit manually if mistake exist. To play a track using the software’s integrated player, you just need to double click on it.

how to download thanksgiving song to mp3

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