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How to Download Songs from YouTube

YouTube is an online community that allows people from all over the world to upload their videos to share their lives, their funny moments and their creativity with the world. If you have trouble finding a song you love, it is almost guaranteed that somewhere in the world, someone has uploaded it to YouTube at some point, and owning that file is only a few clicks away.

Method 1. By purchasing

The easiest way is to buy the songs. Downloading songs from YouTube is just a click away. Most songs that are available will have a "Like" to an online store, such as iTunes, where you are able to buy the recording, and in most cases, you will be able to buy the video as well.

Method 2. By recording

In some cases, you can just record the song to your hard drive using nothing but your computer. You will need to have specific hardware installed on your computer to be able to do this. If it is not there, don’t stress, there are more options available. You will be able to find simple and easy software applications that you can use to do this quickly and without needs to think about anything technical. Software such as Aimersoft Music Recorder will allow you to be able to get all your favourite tracks for easy download with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

Aimersoft Music Recorder allows you to get all the music you want from any sites including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and many more. It is simple to use, after downloading and installation, just open the software. Press the Record button in the left top of the window of this program and then press "Play" on your browser page. Aimersoft Music Recorder will save the music to your computer hard drive.

Aimersoft Music Recorder

Method 3. Download with desktop application

There are many different applications available to download a song from YouTube. Some will download only the audio, some will download only the video and some will download both at the same time. The best option is to get one of the programs that will download both video and audio files, this way you are able to reuse it for both types and will not have to download more software later if your needs change.

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

You do not need to worry if there is an advertisement before the clip you want to download. The software will normally skip over the advertisement and just download and convert the actual video or audio file that you have selected.

Download YouTube Music Video

This method is far better than recording your music from YouTube. The files that the software downloads are as clear as you see them in your browser window. There is no need to block out outside noises or to shut down other internet pages that you are using to avoid noisy notification alert tones.

There are some downsides. You will not be able to download any song from YouTube that has an age classification. As the software is not able to log into YouTube, it is not able to verify age and access these files. If you wish to download something in this category, you will need to use the recording method.

Note: There are free versions too. If you choose to use free software when you are downloading songs from YouTube, please make sure that your anti-virus and malware protection are up to date. Almost all free software programs of this type will come with software that can harm your computer.

Method 4. By online access

Neither of those methods seems right for me... What can I do? If your computer is not capable of making high quality recordings, or you do not want to download a whole software application because you are only looking to download a single clip, there are web pages that are available to help you. These work in the same way that the software does, you just copy and paste the URL of the video clip onto the page, select your output and click “Start”. When downloading songs from YouTube in this fashion, there is no need for any software client on your computer at all. When the web page has completed converting your files, it will give you a download link to get your file.

download YouTube videos online

The downside to using this method is that some websites limit you to a certain amount of files in a set amount of time. Some of these pages also have copyright filters, which can make it hard for you to get some of the content available. These browser pages also have trouble accessing age-restricted files.

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