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How to Download YouTube Music on Windows-based Computer or Mac

YouTube, by far, is one of the most accessed sites since the boom of social media came into existence. We use it to sneak a peek at the next big upcoming movie, entertain ourselves with the latest conspiracy theories, most of all, listen to our favorite songs, and watch the coolest music videos.

Then comes the part when we want to save the moment, download music from YouTube, as a piece of megabyte heaven on our respective electronic devices that we can listen to repeatedly at loud volumes, till the neighbors or our family members decided that they’ve had enough. We don’t care; we keep downloading music from YouTube anyway.

Part 1. How to download music from YouTube
Part 2. Other audio downloading software
Part 3. Top sites to listen to online music

Part 1. How to download YouTube music with a simple click

There are much different programs that are available for you to get the streaming audio online, here Aimersoft Music Recorder is highly recommended. This YouTube audio recorder will do you a favor by providing a simple and practical way of saving your favorite rhythms, ballads, and electronic hits from the beloved YouTube. There is also a Mac music recorder for Mac users, which is well compatible with Mac OS X (inclduing 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9 Mavericks).

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

1Download and Install YouTube music recorder

Download Aimersoft Music Recorder; it is available as a free trial, and as a full version which includes a thirty day money back guarantee. Both versions are supported in the Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista platforms. Take your pick, and start downloading, in minutes after following the on-screen instructions the software will be installed on your system and ready to use.

2 Format pre-set for perfect recording results

Now to YouTube, how can you grab the music you like using the Aimersoft way? It’s rather easy to do. First of all, go ahead and click to the "Settings" tab that is located on the top part of the window. Then, choose the audio format that you like the best, M4A and MP3 are offered, and if you like, you can change the default settings of the sample and bit rate of the encoder.

Aimersoft Music Recorder

The next thing to do is set the recording preferences, which enables you to grab songs one at a time. You can specify the amount of silence between songs, and the minimum length of each, depending on the value you place, all songs that have a track length greater that the specified value will be automatically filtered. Also, in the recording control preference you can choose to auto identify the ID3 tags of the songs you download.

(Tips: If you’re a bit on the technologically impaired side, leaving the above alone poses no problem whatsoever.)

3Grab Music from YouTube

It is important that you get the full song; otherwise it is going to defeat the purpose. So it is advised that you get the music recorder started by clicking on the Record button first and then begin playing the song on YouTube, not the other way around. You’ll see the music recorder begin to record the live stream. It is simple and practical.

download music from youtube

Download music recorder:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Part 2. Other audio downloading software

There are other audio recording programs available that are popular as well, as far as recording downloading music from YouTube is concerned. These include Apowersoft YouTube to MP3 software, YouTube Audio Recorder, Apply Audacity Audio Editor, the Ondesoft Audio Recorder for Mac users and the Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

  • Ondesoft Audio Recorder is popular with Mac users, as it gives an alternative for them amongst the already infiltrated Windows software market. After installing, you can use your web browser as a source for recording; these browsers can be Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, among others.
  • Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder, shares a similar platform to Aimersoft’s music recorder, and is available for download for both Windows and Mac users. After installing, simply launch the audio recorder, and hit the Record button, the process is the same, go to YouTube and get your favorite song in line, play it and the recorder will do its job, and will advise you when you song has been successfully added to your music repertoire.

Although there are many audio downloading and recording software, most of them contains some disadvantage more or less. For example, Ondesoft Audio Recorder is only for Mac users and no Windows version provided. Besides, holding a complicated interface, it is difficult to handle. In this case, Aimersoft Music Recorder is the best choice since it is easy to use and can record any online audio in a simple click without any restrictions.

Download Aimersoft Music Recorder:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Part 3. Some other sites that focus solely on music

To be fair, YouTube is not the only social media site that has taken the music industry by storm, and downloading music from YouTube is not the only option available. There are sites that are dedicated solely to music, that have received great feedback.

  • Pandora is a top music site in its own right with an estimated amount of 27,550,000 monthly visitors. Since its launch way back in 1999, and is upping the level of service it provides to its users, by allowing them to stream new albums, even before they appear in on sale in stores, and with its links to famous social media sites such as Facebook, its traffic keeps on growing. Pandora
  • SoundCloud is a newer site, launched only in 2007, and not only caters to the music lovers, but also empowers new artist, and encourages collaborative efforts from musicians all over the world. With its newly updated interface and inclusive application, it is making its presence known across the world, and it helps that it can be accessed anywhere with an accompanying uniquely clear sound. SoundCloud
  • MySpace Music can definitely not be left out, as it can be considered as one of the older of social media and music sites, even though it came into being in 2003. With the advent of other younger sites, MySpace has fallen a bit behind, but still has a faithful following of 65, 00,000 per month which is still a good number of users. It has also revamped its interface, making it a new and attractive version of the old hangout we all love.Myspace Music

Tips: There are so many options available when thinking of immortalizing your favorite tunes, in your already full hard drive, and no doubt there will be more provided in the near future. However we are living in the here and now, and downloading music from YouTube and these other well-known sites has become easier and effective. Aimersoft Music Recorder has made sure of that.

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