How to Make Apple Music Format Fit Any Devices

Tracks from Apple Music are 256kbps ACC file format and in as much as we enjoy Apple music, the one factor that usually annoys is that the Apple Music format is incompatible with some devices, a fact that changes the whole story about its quality and ability to fully satisfy our entertainment needs. Much speculation has been out there that a better format is almost being released to the market. However, Apple has not confirmed this or declared any intention to do so. What then should we do in the meantime? Other formats like MP3 are smart and provide that quality entertainment that every lover of music wants. Get a program to help you download and do the conversion rather than depending on speculation that things will get better yet even there is no proof from the official provider.

Make Apple Music File Format Fit Any Devices

With Aimersoft Music Recorder for Windows (or Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac) is all you need to download all Apple music files that you've always yearned to have ready with you to satisfy your entertainment needs. This amazing software downloads music on Apple music and helps you convert to MP3 format that fits and works well with many devices. Moreover, it comes with more great features that make the whole experience of downloading a one-click and hassle free job for music lovers like you and me.

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Key Features of Aimersoft Music Recorder:

  • One-click download of music on apple to MP3 format
  • Automatically splits downloaded files and separates your music audio files
  • It eliminates ads in between the audio tracks
  • Supports more than 500 music sites and stations
  • Customize the quality of MP3 audio tracks downloaded

Step-by-step Guide on How to Download Music on Apple Music to MP3 Format

Step 1. Download and Install the Aimersoft Music Recorder

Visit the officialwebsite to download the software for use. Once fully downloaded to your device, install it by simply using the installation wizard that comes with it. Then launch the program and go to the main interface. There click the big "Record" button on the top left corner to make the program ready to work.

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Step 2. Start Downloading Music on Apple Music to MP3

Search for the music you would like to download on Apple Music to MP3 and play it. This audio recorder will detect the music and start downloading it automatically. It record the music with a virtual sound card, so that you will get the music with 100% original quality.

In no time, all your music on Apple music will be downloaded and in MP3 format. Once you have all your music downloaded. Go to the "Library" tab to view them. And you can select the music and then click the "Add to iTunes" button at the bottom of the main interface to export the music to your iTunes library. After that, you can sync the Apple Music to any of your devices for playback.

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