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Top 5 Chrome Extensions for YouTube

As everyone knows, YouTube is the largest video sharing site all over the world, and we all love to view all kinds of videos at it. Besides, as we all know YouTube is a big part of Google family, the best 5 chrome extensions are introduced below in order to improve your YouTube experience.

1YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube offers millions of videos including TV shows, movies, and educational videos for its users. However, it doesn’t have the function to download the videos, which means you can only watch these videos online. You can grab any video clips on YouTube for offline viewing or other purposes with this YouTube Downloader. Once you have installed this program, it could be a great chrome extension. A “Download” button will appear automatically near the YouTube video when you open it with chrome. You may refer to this article How to Download 1080p YouTube Video in Windows/Mac to know the detailed tutorial about how to download YouTube video.

Download this program here:

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

youtube downloader online

2YouTube Options

Feel annoyed with the ads when you are watching some wonderful movies, and cannot delete them? This extension may be of great use to remove the ads for you. Besides, you can use it to set your resolution of videos, display size, etc. Just scroll your mouse wheel, you can change video size, speed your videos and so on. These good features of this YouTube chrome extension can also be applied to other video sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.

youtube downloader online


Have you ever come across a pleasant song and want to listen to it over and over again, but it is so troublesome to click “replay” button each time? This chrome extension for YouTube will help you to fix this problem then. Once you have downloaded and installed this program to your computer, a small button “Loop” will appear near the YouTube video you are playing. As long as you press this button, your video will be played in an endless loop until you hit stop.

youtube downloader online

4YouTube Ratings

If you just want to have one chrome plugin for YouTube, then YouTube Ratings would be a good option. This chrome extension for YouTube will give a rating bar beside the thumbnail of each video which shows the number of likes (green) and dislikes (red) according to the response of the viewers. In this way, you can find out which one is worth opening and viewing and which one is valueless. What’s more, it also shows the most disliked YouTube videos.

youtube downloader online

5Turn off the Lights

This is very popular extension for YouTube addicts. If you love to watch videos online and want to watch it with better effects, then, this chrome extension YouTube will be a good choice for you. After you have launched this extension, the rest of your page will goes dim and only your video is focalized, thus you can enjoy your videos as if you are in a theater. A wonderful experience, isn’t it?

youtube downloader online

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