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Top 5 YouTube Alternatives

I guess you must have heard time and time again how wonderful YouTube is with its massive and diversified content. Indeed, YouTube is definitely the king of the video sharing service. YouTube has its shortcomings too, however. In other hand, there are some other wonderful sites which you cannot afford to miss. They also hold a wide range of videos which you can enjoy. So now let’s see the top 5 YouTube alternatives.


In fact, Metacafe can be considered as one of the best YouTube alternative. It owns a long history and nowadays it is still among the top 3 video sites in US. It offers users kinds of videos which range from TV series, movies to educational videos and etc. You can download these videos with the help of a good Metacafe Downloader if you want to view them offline or with some portable devices.

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Dailymotion is a great YouTube alternative site which is drawing attention to a global scale. It is deemed as the second largest video hosting service in the world. Dailymotion is a French site where you can also view various videos and upload your creative content.

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Hulu is another great alternative to YouTube. It was established in March 2007 with its headquarter based inLos Angeles US. You can watch live streaming of TV shows and movies at Hulu. You can also upload and download some videos as you like. If you want to download videos from Hulu, you can use this Hulu Video downloader.

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Vimeo is also one of the oldest online video sites and it was launched in November 2004. It didn’t receive much attention before, but since 2011, it has been getting quite popular. At present, it has 8 million users and 65 million unique visitors each month. Pay attention that Vimeo seems to prevent some countries from visiting like India.

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Veoh was started in 2006 with its headquarters situated in San Diego. As a YouTube alternative site, Veoh allows you to upload videos as long as you like, what’s more, it doesn’t have a size limit for uploading. This site also provides wonderful content for viewing such as movies, music and user-produced videos.

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Conclusions: All these are fine YouTube alternative sites, and they are very popular and enable users to upload their videos. Besides, users can search for their favorite videos for viewing. But it seems that you cannot download videos from them directly, you have to do this with a program, here, Aimersoft Video Downloader is recommended as the best tool. All these sites are supported by it. You can download videos at a high speed and without losing quality.

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