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Savevid Not Working? Find the Answer Here

Savevid is a popular online video downloading program which allows users to download videos from major streaming video sites. However, some users are faced with some problems recently while using Savevid, which are found more among the Mac OS X users. The reason behind the failure of Savevid is mostly likely due to the recent Java updates released by Apple for its OS, which will disable Java in all of your browsers, as a result, all the Java based video downloader applications may malfunction. If you are one of those Savevid users and are also affected, here we give you two solutions for enabling you to download and enjoy your favorite videos from the online video sharing websites like YouTube just like you do before.

By solving Savevid not working java problem

If you are using the Safari browser, follow this step: Preferences > Security > Enable Java. For IE users, the process is Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Custom Level > Scripting of Java Applets and click on the "enable" radio button. This may fix the problem and make the Savevid functional again. However, in many cases, this does not help or even if it works, the problem reoccurs. So, at this point you can move on to a more reliable product which is not Java based. Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac is such a product and could be recommended as a good Savevid alternative.

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

By using a Savevid alternative

Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac is one of the best tools that help people download videos from various video sharing sites such as YouTube, Daliymotion, Hulu, Metacafe, Break and so on. You can save whatever video to local computer with a simple click. Also, you are able to enjoy the downloaded videos with the embedded player as soon as the downloading process is finished. The extra benefit you get by using it is that it has an inbuilt feature to convert the video, to a different format, either the downloaded ones or the ones on your PC. There are many formats available for conversion and the rate of conversion is also very fast.

1Locate target video

Once all the above operations are done, you can open your browser and go to your favorite sites to seek the videos you may be interested in.

Note: Windows users can also locate the target video through the built-in browser. To do this, you click "Online Video" tab on the top of the program’s main interface and then type in web address.

2Start to capture any video as you like

Once you have found the video you like, then you’ll see a "Download" button pop up on the top right corner of the video. You can just click on it and the video will start downloading while you are watching it.

Capture online videos

Another way is to copy the URL in the browser and click on the "+Paste URL" button on the top left corner of the interface. Then the downloading process will be activated.

Download videos

Note: Mac users can also directly drag the video's URL to the program so as to add the video to download queue.

3Convert the video to any regular format

If you want to transform the original video format to another in order to play with your handheld devices, you can achieve the task with the embedded converter. The steps are also very easy. Hit "Downloaded" menu and click the "Convert" button next to the downloaded video clip. Then choose a suitable format in the window that pops-up, and click "OK" to start the conversion. The process will finish soon, just wait for seconds.

Convert video files

With the help of this video downloader, you will never be annoyed when your Savevid cannot work, try it now.

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

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Thanks for all those great tips on how to fix Savevid. I tried them all, but still no luck with getting the SaveVid to work. So on a lark, I downloaded the Aimersoft Flash Downloader Chrome for Mac and tried it out and now I'm downloading any video I want again. Thanks for helping me fix this problem as now I can easily enjoy my videos offline again.
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