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Free Mavericks Video Downloader – How to Download Online Videos on Mavericks

Mavericks is the newest version of Mac operating system released by Apple. And the good news is that this version is totally free. Lion, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard users can upgrade to OS X Mavericks without spending a penny. For all Mac users, it is no doubt a big surprise. After you have finished upgrading, then you may need a video downloader which can well work with Mavericks and is also completely free. If you are looking for such a free video downloader for Mavericks, Aimersoft Free YouTube Downloader for Mac is undoubtedly the best solution.

This smart tool is completely free. With its help, you are able to get what you want without spending a dime. You can download videos from the most popular video sharing site - YouTube on your Mac. If you are eager to download videos in bulk from the channels you like or save YouTube playlists, you can also rely on this fabulous program, for it can fully meet the above needs.

Download Mac Version

This free video download software for Mavericks has an intuitive interface. With one simple click, you can easily add your favorite videos to the download queue. Minutes later, you can happily enjoy the downloaded clips. This program is not only a free video downloader but also a free video player for Mavericks. It allows you to watch FLV, MP4, WebM videos freely. Moreover, you can even schedule your computer to automatically shut down, go into sleep mode to save energy, or directly quit the application when the download process is concluded.

Why not download this free video downloader for Mac OS X 10.15 and give it a try? It won't let you down. The instruction below will give you some tips on how to download videos on Mavericks for free.

Download free YouTube downloader for Mavericks to save online videos

1Search for your favorite YouTube videos

After running the program, you can open Safari and go to YouTube.com to search for the videos you want to download. When you find the target video, please play it and then go to the next step.

2Download videos with one click

If you hover your mouse over the playing video, there will be a Download button appearing on its top right corner. Just click it, and then you can download the video with a preferred resolution.

Free Video Downloader Mavericks

Besides, you can also get the videos you want via another two ways. One way is to copy the video URL in the web browser and resume to the program and click the Paste URL button on the top left corner; the other way is to directly drag the video URL from the address bar to the program. Then the program will immediately start downloading.

Video Downloader for Mavericks Free

3Download YouTube playlist

If you want to download YouTube playlist, you can click the Download All button on the top of each playlist. Then in the pop-up download list, you can freely tick the videos you like and choose a desired video quality. After everything is OK, click Download to start capturing the videos.

Download Free Video Downloader for Mavericks

4Play videos with the built-in video player

After the videos have been downloaded, you can go to the Downloaded menu to access to the files. To watch the clips with the built-in HD video player, you can click the Play button onto the video thumbnails. When you are playing the videos, you are free to take snapshots as you wish.

Free Mavericks YouTube Downloader

With this free YouTube Downloader for Mavericks, you can easily and quickly download the videos you prefer without worrying about expense.

Download Mac Version

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