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How to Download Photobucket Videos to Playback in Mac/Win

There are many video sharing websites to enjoy videos and images on any topic of our choice. Of them Photobucket is the best and you can easily store and share all your photos and videos on the site. It is a vast store house of millions of videos, rare moments, and candid scenes apart from many interviews and must see action scenes uploaded by thousands of its members from around the World. If you are a video freak you would be very interested to download Photobucket videos and for this you can use Aimersoft YouTube downloader for Mac.

As an easy-to-use Photobucket video downloader, Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac can easily get all your favorite videos downloaded to your computer without any hassles. The best thing about this software is that it is useful in converting the downloaded videos to any format like MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, M4A, MP3, etc. You can also convert your video clips to any of the modern portable media players like iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod, Xbox 360, PSP also.

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How to easily download Photobucket videos

The procedure for using this software to download videos from Photobucket is almost the same for both Windows and Mac version and you have to download and use the right version as per your operating system.

1Search for the videos on Photobucket

After downloading and installing Aimersoft YouTube downloader for Mac on your system, go to the Photobucket website using any of the popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Safari to find the Video you want to download.

2 Download Photobucket videos with a click

When you are watching videos on Photobucket, there will appear a download button on the top right corner of the video window. Click on the download button to download the videos to your hard disc.

download photobucket videos

3 Convert Photobucket videos to the format you want

Once the Photobucket video downloader completes the downloading process, you can play the video on your computer. You can also convert the videos to any format by simply clicking on the convert button and specifying the format you want the video to be converted. When all settings are done, click “OK” to start the conversion.

download videos from photobucket

In a word, you can use this as your Photobucket video downloader to get all the videos from any video sharing sites and convert them as you want.

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About Photobucket

Photobucket used to be a photo sharing website until it expanded to offer video hosting and web-related services as well. Photobucket is considered as a social networking site of some sort. Currently, there are more than 10 billion shared media on the site, all coming from its members of over 100 million in the last count. The main office of Photobucket is located in Denver with branches in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The company has two types of membership, the free and the paid accounts. Free users are given 2GB worth of storage space while paid members enjoy only 10 GB. They also have unlimited access to all the features loaded on the website, such as editing, linking, slideshow generation, and story creation features.

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I used to have to use congested plugins with my browser which would absolutely ruin the experience and make everything run groggy and slow, but with AimerSoft I can easily download videos from Photobucket now and not worry about anything slowing down because the software is so seamless. Thank you so much for an awesome program.
Wow, I ever wanted download some photobucket video, but I thoght that it was impossible, but now I see I can do it, really a good downloader
Dale Merrill
I can easily download videos from photobucket now, you have really good tips in your blog
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