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How to Capture YouTube Video Effectively with Ease

It has no doubt that YouTube is the largest video hosting service in the world. It offers its users millions of various movie clips, user-created videos, music and educational videos and so on. People at different ages all love to open YouTube and watch their favorite videos. Simply put, YouTube has become dispensable in our life. Sometimes, you may want to capture these wonderful videos from YouTube and view them with your mobile device anywhere you go. Or you want to share them with your friends and family members. In such a situation, you may need a YouTube video downloader that can help you to record YouTube video effortlessly.

Here, we highly recommend Aimersoft YouTube Downloader. It is a professional program which aims at helping people download videos from YouTube for free. It can also grab any clips from many other famous video sharing sites such as Dailymotion, Metacafe, VEVO, Break, etc. if you install a paid version. One point that deserves to be mentioned is that it supports downloading the entire playlists or channels of YouTube. Try it at once

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Several steps to capture video from YouTube without any hassle

Here is step by step tutorial that shows you how to save YouTube videos on Mac OS(including Mountain Lion).

1 Download and run this YouTube video downloader

You need to download the program first and then install it by following the instructions. After it has been launched successfully, you can open it by double clicking the icon of the program. Then, you will see the interface as is shown below.

download youtube 1080p

2 Capture YouTube videos by one click

After you have downloaded the video downloader to your computer and have installed it, there are three ways to record YouTube video. When you are viewing a video, you can save it by clicking the floating “Download” button that appears at the top right of the video. (Note: as long as you open a video, this button will appear automatically.) Besides, you can also drag the URL of the video to the interface or the icon of this downloader, and the video will be added to the downloading list. The last method is to copy the URL and then click the “Paste URL” button at the top left of the main window.

youtube 1080p download

3Convert your captured video to any regular format (Optional)

Now, you have captured YouTube video, but the video from YouTube could be various formats that are not supported by your media device. You have to convert the video to the device compatible format if you want to view them offline with your portable device. You can go to the Download tab and then click the “Convert” button behind the video and choose the format you want to convert to. The last step is to press the “Ok” button, and the conversion will soon be started. You just need to wait for minutes and the conversion will be finished.

download 1080p youtube videos

Ok, after all these have been finished, you can navigate to find your video in the file folder and then watch them on the go!

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Who doesn't love watching videos on Youtube? So much fun! But downloading and watching videos on my iPod is even more fun. And, I love this Aimersoft Youtube Downloader for letting me do just that. I can have everything I want from Youtube or Hulu or MTV or any popular video sharing site just by using this software. Easy video conversions to popular formats too.
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