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Top 3 ways to Transfer iPod Songs to iTunes 11

If you need to transfer some or all of the songs on your iPod to iTunes 11 and the traditional way of doing so won’t let you, then what you need is a third-party software that is built for the task. Fortunately, there are many software like that out there these days. Just pick the right one and your problems will go away. Here are three that you can download today.

How to Transfer Songs between iPod and iTunes

1 Aimersoft iTransfer for Mac

With the Aimersoft iTransfer software, you can transfer not just songs but the whole content of your iPod onto iTunes or any iOS device. As a software developed by a reputable company, this one is guaranteed to work really well with iTunes 11. And it’s fairly easy-to-use too.

Download Mac Version

First off, you can backup your songs using this software. Whether you choose to save the backup you made on your computer or straight onto iTunes, you won’t encounter any issue while using this software. This suggests that all the songs in your iPod, regardless where you got it from, will be accepted by iTunes like it were one of its own. That’s the main advantage of this software. You can immediately enjoy that upon install.

What’s more, this software can do a whole lot of other things than just make your songs compatible with iTunes 11. It can also handle the movie files you have in there. And if you want to convert DVD to the Apple-friendly format, all you really have to do is to use the built-in features of the software.

But even if it works seamlessly with iTunes 11, that doesn’t mean it is needed. As a matter of fact, Aimersoft iTransfer is one of the most popular iTunes alternatives today. So in any case iTunes 11 no longer works for you in the way it used to, you can always switch to this software as an alternative.

2 DeTune

If you’re looking for a free alternative though, try DeTune. This software is very simple and straightforward, unlike iTunes 11 that can be a little bit too complex. But if you’re quite used to the iTunes’ interface, you’ll definitely find the one used by this software as strikingly similar.

Checking with what DeTunes can do, it can help you copy all the music on your iPad onto your Mac computer. It will then save it to the iTunes library, which is exactly what you want it to be. With that said, this software is intended only for Mac users. So if you are using a Windows computer, you would have to find another program to suit your requirements.

Aside from the iPod, DeTune also supports iPad and iPhone devices. Furthermore, it can also transfer movie files, TV shows, ebooks, and ringtones. Copying files from your computer to the iPod is supported as well.

However, there are limitations to this freeware. For one, it can’t show album art like iTunes 11 and other software similar to it can. It also doesn’t have an embedded player, which means you would have to open Quicktime if you need a preview. Photos are not supported as of this time as well. So if your intention is to transfer pictures, you can’t use this software. And while you can use it to transfer songs to iTunes 11, you won’t be able to remove the DRM tags of the songs that you have purchased from it. As you can see, DeTunes is a fairly basic software that does just that - the basics. If you’re looking for a more feature-rich system, go for the paid versions listed above.

3 CopyToy

If you are getting frustrated about iTunes 11 not accepting your iPod songs, don’t be. CopyToy is yet another software that you can try to assist you with your file transfer needs. This software has two versions available for all users– the free trial and the full version. The free trial version is available for immediate download. But to obtain the full version, you would have to pay $19.95.

CopyToy seems to be a straightforward software, basing on its screenshots. And since it will also work with the iPhone and the iPad, it’s going to be a one-stop-shop for you. In any case iTunes 11 won’t let you copy your music into the computer, simply install this software and let it do all the rest.

Once CopyToy is installed, you’ll find it easier to transfer not just songs but also videos, TV shows, podcasts, playlists, ebooks, photos, and almost everything else. Now, you can easily make a backup of all the files on your computer with just a few clicks. Furthermore, sharing any of your files among different devices and computers is more than possible.

CopyToy is initially developed to replace iTunes. So for anybody who finds iTunes to be a little too difficult to understand and use, you have a good alternative right here. However, if you want to stick with iTunes and just copy your songs, that’s possible as well. This software can work side-by-side with iTunes 11, which means you’re getting more than enough advantages just by installing it.

The software also offers a few added features such as syncing playlists, installing and uninstalling apps, and USB disk simulation. CopyToy supports all the other iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. It is a fairly safe and secure software, not to mention easy to use and very affordable.

Download Mac Version

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