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iPad Air, iPad mini2, iPad 4, Which to Choose?

When you make the decision to buy an iPad, you have to figure out which one to get. Regardless of the one that you choose, you are sure to spend a few hundred dollars. So, you may have the question: iPad Air, iPad mini2, iPad 4, which to choose?

Apple unveiled the new iPad lineup to offer a full-sized model called the iPad Air. When doing your comparisons, you will notice that size is the difference between the Air and Mini 2, because the new Mini is as powerful as the Air.

iPad Mini 2 is less expensive than its brother that is in full-size. You can get a mini iPad 2 with storage space of 32 GB for the same cost as a Wi-Fi iPad Air with 16GB. Both the mini 2 and Air has an A7 processor, yet the mini offers the advantage. With the same SoC added to both iPads, the Mini 2 will also be a powerhouse.

iPad mini 2

If you are concerned about the smaller size, you should know that the iPad Mini is larger than most of the 7-inch tablets. It will work just fine if you want it to read books, browse the web and most of the casual tasks. Besides that, it is great for playing even the hardcore games. At the end of the day, size always comes down to someone’s personal preference. Even though it is easier for to use an iPad Mini 2 with one hand, the iPad Air has an advantage with its extra architecture that offers certain things like on-screen keyboard typing.

When it comes to the screen, the same resolution of 2048 x 1536 is added to the iPad Mini 2 so it literally out the iPad Air Retina. With the same resolution offered on the smaller screen, Apple is giving the mini iPad 326 PPI or pixels per inch. This means that the mini has more screen image than the Air as it only has pixels of 264 per inch.

Now, when you look at the iPad Air advantages you will see that its share of the iPad’s overall activity is 5 times more than the iPad 4 and over 3 times that of the mini. Since you are deciding which to choose from the iPad mini 2, iPad 4, iPad Air, you need to know that the latter has a design that is more streamlined and sleeker to give you a definite beauty as it borrows a lot from the first iPad Mini. When compared to the iPad 4 that is definitely bulky, the iPad Air is smaller at 240 x 169 mm versus 241 x 169 mm; thinner at 7.5mm versus 9.4mm and lighter at 469g versus 652g. To some extent, this is due to the thinner screen bezels as Apple refined the design to use up every single millimeter of the internal space. Obviously, the major selling point of the Air is its lighter, thinner form because it weighs less than 500 grams.

iPad Air

Similar to the mini 2, the Air also has increased processing speed because of its new A7 64-bit chip.  In addition to that, it has an upgraded battery that delivers ten hours on just one charge as well as dual Wi-Fi antennas to give faster internet browsing. Note that the Air is not really a big update in spite of this as Apple is facing stiffer competition from the tablets in the high-end range.

The iPad 4 is ideal for persons who are looking to replace most of the things that they would do on a laptop. It is a great home device, but it’s also offering mobility and power that can satisfy users who needs it to do a lot of work and the owners who are into hardcore gaming. The key features of the iPad 4 includes the 9.7inch screen, lighting connector, retina display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels and Apple’s A6X processor. The high resolution Retina Display on this version helps it to be much better for persons who might difficulties when reading smaller text size on the iPad Mini.

As it pertains to the productivity, iPad Mini 2 might be powerful but extra screen space will easily offer more in this area. It is a far easier for you to type on the screen of the iPad Air, plus the 9.7-inch also offers extra screen space that will allow you to manipulate images, edit video, arrange text and carry out other tasks. The iPad Air would be a good choice if you want one for work and play.

iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad 4, which to choose? Overall, there is really no perfect choice if you want to get the right iPad as everyone has different needs and preferences. Like most people, you might think that the iPad Mini can do everything that you want and you will hardly notice the other differences. On the other hand, you might prefer a device with a bigger screen, faster processor and sharper graphics.

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