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How to Split DVD9 Movies to 2 DVD Discs

If you want to copy a DVD9 disc without losing quality, you can split DVD9 movies to 2 DVD5 discs each containing the half movie. But how to find a good DVD Splitter to accomplish the task? Don’t worry. This article will show you how to split DVD9 movies with a powerful and professional DVD copy tool.

Aimersoft DVD Copy and DVD Backup for Mac are exactly the tools you need. It not only splits DVD files, but also provides you with many DVD backup modes. With it, you can easily copy DVD movies between DVD9 and DVD5 without any quality loss. Another wonderful feature is that this program can give you great support in removing commercial DVD protections like DVD CSS, RC and RCE. In addition, this application lets you save your DVD files to the hard drive as DVD folders or ISO image files, so that you can enjoy the DVD movies on your computer without having to inserting the DVD disc.

Now, download this brilliant program and follow the instructions to split your DVD movies with this awesome DVD Splitter.

Free download DVD Backup:

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

Steps for splitting a DVD9 movie to 2 DVD5

If you are a Windows (Including Windows 8) user, please download the Windows (Windows 8 included) version, and do the similar steps as below. Here let's take the Mac version as an example.

1 Input the DVD you want to split

Input the DVD you would like to split into your Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc, launch DVD Cutter and select "Backup to DVD" to enter the DVD Cutter interface, then load the Video_TS file of the input DVD.

splitting DVD9 movie to 2 DVD5 discs

2 Select Split Copy to split DVD movies

After the DVD Video_TS file loaded, you will see the interface as the above shows. Select "Split Copy" as your need, there will pop up a settings form for you to name your two DVDs. Just type a name that you preferred for your two DVDs and click Start button to begin splitting DVD movies.

split DVD9 movie to 2 DVD discs

3 Insert DVD5 to start burning DVD movies

After all the files copied, a window will pop up to inform you to insert a DVD5 disc. Just follow the tips and insert a DVD5 disc and click OK to start burning DVD movies.

DVD9 to DVD5

The encoding will be finished in few seconds. So far, you have finished splitting DVD9 movie to 2 DVD5 discs. Isn't it easy? Just try this DVD Backup for Mac and begin your own DVD9 movie to DVD5 splitting.

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

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