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DVD Shrink Alternative for Windows 8 to Copy DVDs

DVD Shrink is a free program to help you back up DVD movies. However, it hasn't been upgraded for quite a long time and doesn't work well in Windows 7, let alone the latest Windows 8. If you've upgraded to Windows 8 and want to copy your favorite DVD movies in Windows 8, you have to turn to other DVD copy programs.

Here Aimersoft DVD Copy, a perfect alternative to DVD Shrink for Windows 8, is recommended to help you copy and back up DVD movies in Windows 8. It can automatically remove the DVD encryption during the backup process and supports all regular DVD disc. Moreover, in addition to DVD disc, it can also copy DVD to DVD folder or ISO. Now simply click the Free Download below to download it and follow the steps below to finish your task.

Download DVD Backup Program:

Download Win

How to back up DVD in Windows 8 with DVD Shrink alternative

After downloading, install this smart DVD copy tool for Windows 8 on your computer. And then insert the DVD disc you want to back up into your computer's hard drive.

1Select source DVD

Click Source and choose the DVD movie you want to copy from the drop-down list. You can either copy from DVD disc or DVD folder.

dvd shrink windows 8

2Choose output target

Now specify the output target and type to save your DVD movies. Three output formats are available: creating DVD Folder, generating ISO Image File, or burning DVD disc. Meanwhile, select a copy mode to either copy the whole movie or only the part you want.

3Start to copy

When all the settings are OK, click Start to start copying your movies to DVD folder, ISO image files or DVD disc. Note that when copying DVD to DVD disc, this DVD Shrink for Windows 8 alternative will copy the data to a temporary file first. After that, it will inform you to insert a writeable DVD disc.

Below is a video tutorial on how to copy DVD in Windows 8 with DVD Shrink alternative:

Download Win

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dvd shrink works fine on windows 8.  i haven't had a problem yet with it.
Aimersoft Employee
Hello, Albert. It's a free trial version for you to see that whether this software is what you need. And there are no functional differences between the trial one and the full version. 
Hi I just wanted to know if there is another way to download this program. I've tried to download it two time because I cant find any free programs that will work with my windows 8. thank you.
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