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How to Use BD Rebuilder to Copy Blu-ray Discs

Due to the rising popularity of Blu-ray movies, BD Rebuilder (BD-RB) comes out. It is used to make backups of commercial Blu-ray movies. This guide will talk about how to use BD Rebuilder to copy a Blu-ray movie to a smaller BD disc.

Note that BD Rebuilder needs some third party software to work with it together. They are AviSynth, FFDSHOW and Haali Matroska Splitter. Make sure you have downloaded and installed them all.

How to back up Blu-ray with BD Rebuilder

Before you start, you need to remove the Blu-ray protection with some unlocking software. Then open BD rebuilder and click "Browser" under "Source Path" to target the Blu-ray disc that you want to rip and back up. Then hit "Browse" under "Working Path". Please make sure more than 50 GB free disk space is provided in the working path drive. You can remove the audio tracks you don't need so as to reduce size or for better effect by double clicking the audio stream. Then click "Mode".

bd rebuilder tutorial

As you can see, in the Mode menu, you can wither choose "Full Backup", "Movie-Only Backup" or "Quicker" Encode for Extras. Full Backup means you want to keep all the video titles and Blu-ray menu. Movie-Only Backup means you just want to retain the movie part. "Quicker" Encode for Extras means you prefer a faster encoding setting for the extras.

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You can make more settings by clicking Settings -> Setup to open the BD-RB Setup window. Usually, the default settings will work well for most projects. The important part is Audio Encoding Options. Just select the settings you want to keep the maximum audio quality and hit "Save Changes" to save the settings.

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Besides, in "Settings" on the main menu, there are also some other options. For example, you can choose the output size between BD-5, BD-9 and BD-25, etc. BD-25 will be excellent for backup. But it will cost more. Generally speaking, BD-9 is chosen, but the quality is not that good as BD-25. After all the settings, click Backup to start the encoding process.

copy blu ray with bd rebuilder

After the encoding, use free Blu-ray burners to burn your Blu-ray files.

Tips: BD Rebuilder cannot help you encode Blu-ray discs with protection. To back up and copy protected Blu-ray, you can search somg professional Blu-ray Ripper, which can remove AACS and BD+ protection from Blu-ray disc and CSS encryption from DVD. With it, you can create copies of Blu-ray content to MKV files without compress any quality and rip Blu-ray/DVD to virtually any widely used video/audio format lossless and easily.

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Do you know how to use BD Rebuilder if you want to back up a movie that has the theatrical and extended version on the same disc? I've only been able to back the theater and I want to have a back up of the longer version but I don't see how to get at it.
Better is to use MakeMKV to create BR backup with proper AVCHD architecture. MakeMKV is freeware too.
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