How to Copy and Save Videos from Facebook Efficiently on Your Computer/Mobile

Do you want copy and save videos from Facebook for playback? Read this article to learn to save Facebook videos on your computer or mobile.

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In order to copy and save a video from Facebook, the user needs to ensure that the solution that has been implemented is the one that has been regarded as the best and the most advanced. There are tens of thousands of solutions that are available online and therefore it is important to choose wisely as there are the ones that require a person to download external software programs as well. If the solution demands any such thing, then it is not at all recommended and the user should shun it anyways. This tutorial has been written to ensure that the user gets a good grip on the programs that can be used to save Facebook videos.

Part 1. Best Way to Save Facebook Videos on Your Computer

iTube HD Video Downloaders a 3X faster downloader with quick and easy methodology, it comes with exciting features that are not found elsewhere and therefore the program is the only one that has been regarded as the choice that is believed to deliver what it commits. The prowess of the company as well as the developing team shows that the software is the only one that can be regarded as the best companion of the user who is after downloading Facebook videos. Following are some of the key features of the program and therefore they are to be read and considered before the program is started using.

iTube HD Video Downloader - 3X Faster Speed to Save Facebook Videos

  • Enables you download Facebook videos with one click.
  • Allows you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites.
  • Offers a recording feature that enables you to record videos without any quality loss.
  • Enables you to download videos as a batch.
  • Helps you to convert the downloaded videos to more than 150 video and audio formats.
  • Helps you to download videos 3x faster than other downloaders with the help of its task scheduler.
  • Offers different ways for you to download videos.

How to copy and save video from Facebook

Copying and saving the video can be regarded to as URL copy and pasting to download the video, it could also be regarded as the video recording as it is also a sort of copying. To ease the users to great extent, both of the processes that are related to the program are mentioned as follows so that the user never feels that something has been left out:

Step 1 Download and install the program, Open Facebook with IE or Firefox browser. If you’re running a Mac, you can also use Safari browser. Then find your favorite video you want to download on Facebook and play it.

Best ways to copy and save video from facebook

Step 2 Then right-click on the video and select "Show video URL" from the drop down list shown as above picture, and copy the URL from the pop-up rectangle. After that, click “+ Paste URL” in the primary window of iTube HD Video Downloader, the Facebook video will be downloaded immediately.

Best ways to copy and save video from facebook

Alternatively, you can just click the "Download" buttton at the upper-right corner of the Facebook video and iTube HD Video Downloader will start downloading the video automatically.

Best ways to copy and save video from facebook

Step 3 When the downloading completes, you’ll get a pop up notice. Then you can click the “Downloaded” tab to get a full view of Facebook videos. Single click the video trangle, a pop up playing window will show. Yes, that’s the embedded video player, the full screen is available.

Best ways to copy and save video from facebook - play download video

Part 2. Best Way to Copy and Save Facebook Videos on Mobile Phone

21% of the total Internet users are mobile based and therefore it is an important thing to understand that the mobile based users cannot be ignored at any cost. The processes as well as the apps that have been developed for the mobile usage are the ones that are not only easy to operate but also the ones the tutorials of which can be found easily online. The mobile applications create a sense of understanding for the users that there are tools available which could lead the results which were not achievable in the past as the technology was not developed to this extent. In the following, I'll introduce one app to copy and save Facebook on your mobile phone.

Video Downloader for Facebook

One of the apps that has made the downloading easier is “Video Downloader for Facebook” as it is the only application that has made the phenomenon hellishly easy and the user doesn't avert to download the videos that are uploaded to the Facebook. The design of the application as well as the one click downloading functionality have made the phenomenon really easy. The app comes with a complete tutorial that has been uploaded to the Google Play Store as well as the App Store of Apple. You can download it to have a try.

Best ways to copy and save video from facebook

Features of the app

  • The application acts as a standalone and therefore nothing else is required once this app is there to support the functions of the mobile device in reference to the download.
  • The application has been designed in such a way that it logs in as soon as the main Facebook account is logged in as it is integrated and thus makes the process too easy to follow.
  • The application notifies and captures the videos that are uploaded to the Facebook pages as well as by the friends and other resources that are being followed using this social media platform. It makes the process easier for the users and allows them to get a step ahead of other apps when it comes to video saving.

How to save Facebook video on your mobile

The steps to be followed when the application is used is as following and they also show that the overall idea is easy to implement and follow.

Step 1 From the URL mentioned above, download and install the app. It will prompt the users to login the Facebook account for once and the required credentials are to be given to login the application.

Best ways to copy and save video from facebook

Step 2 The video downloader will open immediately and the users can see the categories of the videos which makes it easier for the users to choose from. The users only need to click the relevant category and hit the video and it would start downloading. Nothing additional is to be done and therefore the process ends here in full.

Best ways to copy and save video from facebook

Note: With this application, the user needs to play the video before the Download button pops up; And without playing the video, the app would not work at all. This is one of the things that the users don’t perform and in turn post a negative review of the application which is definitely not a good sign for the developers. The user should first of all play the videos and then press the Download button to complete the process.

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