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How to Slow Down YouTube Videos Effortlessly

Nowadays, more and more people are used to viewing online videos to learn something they’re interested in. As the most popular video-sharing website, YouTube provides users with a variety of videos. But sometimes you might encounter great difficulties in slowing down the videos. For example, when you are learning how to play guitar, you may find that it’s hard to figure out specific lick in the video at regular playback speed. In this situation, it is helpful to slow down YouTube videos.

Now you can rely on Aimersoft Video Editor to solve this tough problem. This solid software has awesome speed-altering feature, which will help you add slow motion to YouTube videos for easier learning. The process of changing video speed is very straightforward, which enables you to get what you want simply with drag-n-drop and a few clicks. Minutes later, you are able to watch YouTube video at a slower speed happily and freely.

Download video editor:

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How to make YouTube videos slow motion with ease

This tutorial will show you how to generate a slow-down version of YouTube video in Windows. Mac users plaese download Video Editor for Mac and then follow the same tutorial.

1Add target video to the program

Firstly, run the program and directly drag your video from local computer to User’s Album. Alternatively, you can click Import to add your file. In addition to FLV format, this program also accepts a wide range of video formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, ASF, VOB and so on.

Add youtube video

2Apply slow motion to YouTube video

Drag the target video from the User's Album to the video track. Double click on the thumbnail or simply click the Edit button to open the editing interface. There are four different speed options available:

0.5-slow down YouTube playback to half of its original speed;

1-the original speed of your video;

1.5-speed up the video to 1.5 times of its original speed;

2-speed up the video to double of its original speed.

Slow down youtube video

To play YouTube video in slow motion, you need to move the speed slider to 0.5.

Note: If you want to play the video at a faster speed, you can move the slider to the right and choose a proper speed according to your need.

3Re-publish the final video

After changing the speed, you can check the slow-down video in the preview window. Then click Create to re-publish the new file. Click Format to save the video to the directory in your local computer. If needed, you can publish the file to streaming video formats or publish it to specific device with optimized output presets.

You can also upload the video instantly on YouTube by clicking YouTube and signing in your account, or burn it to DVD disc by clicking DVD and tweaking the parameters.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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