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Video Resizer - How to Resize Video Without Quality Loss

After shooting a great video, you may eager to upload it to websites like YouTube, Facebook to share with friends. But the size of your video is so big that you have to waste much time uploading it. Is there a way to resize video for easier uploading?

Sometimes, even if you have successfully reduced a video size, but the quality of the output video is disappointing. Or it looks like a thin bar across the screen rather than filling the entire screen. Is there a way to fix these problems?

Actually, solving these problems is not as difficult as you think. Aimersoft Video Editor will give you an efficient solution. As a stable multi-format video resizer, this program will help you adjust video size without causing reduction in picture quality. You can either convert the original video format to another format with high compression rate, or lower some video parameters like resolution, frame rate and bit rate etc.

Download video editor:

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Below is a step-by-step tutorial about reducing video size. Make sure you have installed this powerful video resizer.

1Import the video file to the User's Album

Open the program and browse for the video you want to resize. It works well with a wide range formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, ASF, VOB and so on. You can either click "Import" or drag-n-drop the video from your computer to the User's Album. Make sure you have successfully imported them to the program.

Add video

2Reduce the video size

Click "Create" to open the output window. There are two options available for you to adjust the video size:

1)Change to a portable file format with smaller size.

Click "Format" tag and choose a relatively small format from the list. For example, if the original video format is AVI, selecting FLV format will result in a smaller file.

2)Tweak the advanced settings like resolution, bit rate and so on.

Click the triangle-shape button located in the middle of output window to do advanced settings. Lowering the video resolution, frame rate and bit rate will also help adjust the video size.

Resize video file

Note: If there are some unwanted parts in the video, you can click the scissors button to cut them out and resize the rest parts only.

3Export the new video format

Since you have specified the video settings for the output, please click "Create" again to generate the new file. Then the program will do the rest for you at a very fast speed. When the process is completed, click "Find Target" to locate the video.

Tips: This program creates new video without altering the original video. There's no need to worry that you may lose the original file.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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