How to Remove Audio from MP4 Videos

MPEG-4, also referred as MP4, is a common container format for storing multimedia files. This format offers a great degree of video compression without noticeable loss of quality, so it is preferred by more and more digital users and widely used for sharing video files. If you have a MP4 video but the original audio is not what you want, you may have the need to remove audio from MP4. To accomplish this task, Filmora Video Editor will give you great support.

Simple Steps to Remove Audio from MP4 Video

remove audio from mp4

This brilliant audio remover separates audio and video in different tracks, enabling you to edit them in a more convenient way. You can either remove audio from MP4 video completely to only export the video, or fit in another sound track to replace the position of original one.

In addition to MP4, Filmora Video Editor also supports many other popular video formats like FLV, AVI, VOB, 3GP, MOV, MPG, WMV, MKV, ASF and more. So feel free to load your videos and edit them to professional-grade movies with this wonderful helper!

how to remove audio from mp4

Step 1. Import your MP4 video

Firstly, launch the application and then click Import to load your video. Alternatively, you can directly drag the target file from local computer to the media library. As you'll see, the loaded MP4 file will be displayed as thumbnail.

Tips: By clicking the Sort button on the upper-right corner of the media library, you can sort your videos by name, duration and type. This enables you to manage all your files with ease.

delete audio from mp4

Step 2. Remove audio from MP4 video

The next step is to drag your video to the Timeline panel. Then right click on the video thumbnail in the video track and select Audio Detach to separate audio from video. Subsequently, the original audio will appear in the audio track. Highlight the audio and click Delete to completely remove it from the video. (If you right click on the video thumbnail and select Mute, the audio will be deleted directly without being separated in the audio track.)

Tips: If you're going to add audio to MP4 video at the same time, you can import the audio file to the media library and drag it to the timeline panel. Then click Create to generate the new file.

how to remove music from mp4

Step 3. Export your MP4 video without original audio

Preview the final result is highly recommended. If you're happy with the edited video, then hit Create to export the video track. As you'll see, your video can be saved to local computer, exported to mobile device, uploaded on YouTube or burned to DVD. After choosing your desired way of output, please click Create again to generate the video without original audio.

I bought the software and followed above steps importing a MP4 video to remove the sound. My problem is that when I saved the result as a MP4 it was 4X larger. I tweaked the parameters until it was only about 20% larger than the original. However the resolution is noticeably worse. I would like to keep the quality of the video and keep the size the same. How can I do that? I include a picture of the properties. Original right Result Left. Please work me though this issue.
Hi,vmars316. After importing the audio to the program, then you need to drag it to the music track. Move the audio to sync it with the video, if necessary. Then you can click the Export button(For Windows version) or the Output button(For Mac version) to generate the final result. In the output interface, you can adjust the video parameters to get an acceptable file size.
In step 2 above: "Tips: If you're going to add audio to MP4 video at the same time, you can import the audio file to the media library and drag it to the timeline panel. Then click Create to generate the new file." Where in the world is the CREATE(button or whatever) to add an AUDIO into video . ALSO: in step 3 above, the original mp4 input is 17mb , but the "Export your MP4 video without original audio" is a whopping 47mb . That is totally unaccecptable . Thanks for your Help..vm
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