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How to Extract Audio from MP4 in Windows/Mac

Coming across with a beautiful song when watching a movie but can’t find the music on the Internet? Finding a wonderful soundtrack from MP4 video and want to burn that music to CD for long-time preservation? In these situations, you need to extract audio from MP4 video. By doing this, you can listen to the music you’re after easily on iPod.

With the assistance of Aimersoft Video Editor, it would be very easy to achieve that. This professional program can not only help you rip audio from MP4 very quickly, but also give you many other options for editing audio. For example, you can freely change the playback speed of the audio file, adjust its volume and pitch, apply fade-in and fade-out effects and edit out an unwanted segment from the audio. What’s more, you are free to choose from 30+ sound effects to make your audio more enjoyable.

In addition to taking out audio from MP4 file, this program can also do audio extraction from many other popular video formats, like WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, etc. Now, let’s download the program and follow the step-to-step guide below.

Download Video Editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to extract audio from MP4 file

If you are using a Mac, please turn to Aimersoft Video Editor for Mac and follow the same tutorial to do audio extraction from MP4. Here we just take Windows (Windows 8 compatible) version as an example.

1Import your MP4 files

After you install and run the program, click "Import" to load your target files. Alternatively, you can directly drag your files from local computer to the program. And you'll see them in the media library at once.

Import target video

2Start extracting audio from MP4 video

Next, you need to drag the MP4 video from media library to the timeline panel. Then right click on its thumbnail in the video track and select "Audio Detach". The original audio will instantly appear in the audio track. Now you can delete the video and only export the audio file.

Audio detach

3Edit your audio file (Optional)

If you'd like to export the audio file directly without any editing, you can just skip this step.

If you have the need to enhance the overall audio effect before exporting it, you can double click on the audio to open the Edit box. Here you are free to change audio speed, adjust volume and pitch, and even apply fade-in and fade-out effects to audio.

Edit the audio file

This program also lets you edit out a segment from the audio. You can drag the playback indicator to define the duration of the segment. And click the "Scissors" button at its starting and ending points respectively.

4Export the soundtrack

In the output step, you can click "Device" to export your audio to portable devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Xbox and more, or save the file to specified folder in your computer by clicking "Format". If you'd like to change the audio format at the same time, you can select a new format in the dropdown list. With this program, you can even directly publish the audio to YouTube or burn it to DVD.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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That's so cool that you can extract audio from MP4 files... I didn't even think this was possible! So I can basically turn regular songs into karaoke?? :)
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