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How to Edit Videos in Mac OS X Mavericks with Fancy

Mavericks is the latest version of Mac operating system released by Apple. This version is totally free and comes with over 200 new features. At the same time, Apple also updated programs found in the iLife suite which includes iMovie. However, many Mac users found that some bugs and glitches appear after they have installed Mavericks. Some of them failed to update iMovie, some lost previous projects, etc. If you are one of those who are encountering this problem, you can turn to a fabulous Video Editor for Mavericks for help.

Aimersoft Video Editor for Mac is no doubt your ideal choice. This reliable program works well with Mac operating system, giving you great support in editing videos in Mac OS X 10.15 and later. With this fabulous program, you are able to compile your videos with a variety of editing features to make them more enjoyable. For example, you can split a long video into short clips, merge multiple videos into one single file, and rotate videos to correct the viewing position and more. Moreover, this smart tool also provides you with a bunch of cool effects, which will definitely make your videos professional looking. The Video Editor has a user-friendly interface. Even you are a newbie in video editing, you are able to easily and quickly accomplish any editing task. After editing, you can freely save and share your video creations via various channels.

This program has a wide compatibly of input and output format, which include AVI, MP4, ASF, WMV, MPG, FLV, MOV, MKV, MP3, WAV etc. So feel free to load your files and create your own movies with this brilliant program.

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How to edit videos in Mac OS X Mavericks

1Load your videos with different formats

Once you have successfully installed the program, you need to run it and load your files to the program. To achieve the goal, you can either click the Import button to browse for the target videos or directly drag the files from the local hard drive to the program. The loaded files will be listed in the Resource Library (located on the right side).

Edit Videos Mavericks

2Fine tune videos with brilliant editing features

The next step is to drag the target video from the Resource Library to the Timeline Panel below. Then the video and its original audio will be automatically displayed in their own tracks. Now you are ready to edit files in OS X Mavericks with ease.

Edit Videos in Mac 10.9

Split/Trim videos: To split a long video into pieces, you can drag the Playback Indicator to any place you like and then click the Split button. To edit out a segment from the video, you can drag the Playback Indicator to the start and end points of the segment and then click the Split button respectively at this two spots.

Merge videos: Drag the video clips you want to merge to the video track and then adjust their sequence if necessary.

Add transitions: To make the switches of the videos smoother, you can insert stunning transition effects. Click the Transition button under the Resource Library and drag the effects you prefer to the scenes between clips.

3Touch up videos with eye-catching effects

To access to more features, you can double click the video thumbnail in the video track to open the Edit box.

Video Editor for Mac 10.9

Crop videos: To remove the black borders around the video, you can click the Crop button and adjust the rectangle frame to crop the screen. The real-time result will be displayed in the right window.

Apply effects: To make the videos more attractive, you can click the Effect button and select any effect you prefer from the drop-down list. Here you are also able to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the videos.

Rotate videos: To correct the view position of the videos, you can click the Rotate button and choose the suitable options to turn the videos 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise and flip horizontally or vertically.

4Save and share your video creations

After you have finished personalizing your videos, you can click the Output button on the top left corner of the interface and choose a preferred way to export your videos. This program lets you save your files to a local folder in the original format or any format you like, export to the portable devices to watch later and republish on YouTube from the application.


See, with simple clicks and drag-n-drop, you have turned your videos to amazing movies in Mac OS X 10.15. Why not share your projects with family and friends right now?

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