How to Cut MKV Files without Quality Loss

Watching a downloaded MKV movie but the ads make you annoyed? Having a MKV video but there are some unwanted scenes? These problems may bother you a lot. Therefore, you need to figure out how to cut MKV videos to solve the problem. But if you want to accomplish the task more effectively, you need to seek help from a powerful and professional MKV cutter. Filmora Video Editor is no doubt what you are looking for.

Best Tool to Cut MKV Videos

cut mkv

Filmora Video Editor will give you a hand in cutting MKV files without downgrading quality. You can not only cut off the beginning or the ending of the videos, but also cut out any segments in the middle. Its separate tracks and sensitive playback indicator enable you to cut files with accuracy. Besides MKV, it also works well with many other video formats, such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV, TS and so on.

In addition to cutting, this solid tool also has many other editing functions to satisfy you. Its basic editing features like crop, merge, split, rotate and more enable you to fine tune your videos as you wish. And the provided effects and filters give you the possibility of turning your videos to amazing movies. Why not have a try and find out how powerful it is? Just download the program and follow the guide below.

how to cut mkv

Step 1. Add files to the program

After running the program, you need to import MKV files. By clicking the "Import Media Files Here" button, your files will be quickly loaded into Video Editor from the local computer, memory card, mobile phones and more. All the files will be listed in the User's Album, where you can sort them by name, duration and type.

cut mkv videos

Step 2. Cut a MKV video

Next, please drag the target video from User's Album to the Timeline Panel, where you can cut the file.

If you'd like to cut the beginning or ending of the video, you only need to drag the playback indicator to the point where you want the video starts or ends and then click the Scissors button. If you want to extract a segment from the video, you need to drag the playback indicator to the starting or ending points of the section and respectively click the Scissors button at these two points.

Then you can delete the unwanted parts and only keep the segments you want.

cutting mkv

Step 3. Compile your video (Optional)

Before exporting the video with another format, you are free to compile the video just the way you want it. To fine tune the video, you can double click on the thumbnail in the video track to open the Edit box. The provided options allow you to move video around, speed it up or slow it down, crop the screen size, and brighten or darken it.

To further retouch the video, you can turn to the options above the Timeline panel, which let you add special effects, create picture-in-picture effect, insert transitions to video, etc. By clicking each tab, you can go to the corresponding resource libraries.

cutting mkv

Step 4. Export the final result

Once you are done with cutting, now you should click Create to choose a suitable way of output. With this program, you can directly save the video to your hard drive, export it to portable devices. Or you can even immediately publish the video on YouTube and Facebook from the application, or burn it to DVD to watch on TV with family and friends. After you have picked your favorite way, please click Create again to publish the video to a new chosen format.

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