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How to Cut AVI to Multiple Short Clips Easily

Because of excellent quality, AVI video has gained worldwide popularity among users. But video with this format often has large file size, which will cause inconvenience to storage and upload. Therefore, it is quite often that you have to cut AVI files to make the video smaller for easier uploading and storing. To accomplish this task, you need turn to a powerful and professional AVI Cutter.

Aimersoft Video Editor is such a reliable tool that can fully meet your need, which enables you to accurately split the large AVI file into multiple clips as you wish. The interface is so intuitive that you can finish the cutting job with simple clicks and drag-n-drop. This program can not only read and write AVI files, but also support videos in many other formats, such as MP4, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MKV, TS, HD WMV, HD MOV, HD AVI, MTS, M2TS, 3GP, etc.

In addition to cutting, this software can also help you fine tune video with more functions like merge, rotate, speed up/slow down and etc, offering you a large amount of effects, filters and transitions for further personalization. Don’t hesitate any more. Just download the program and follow the tutorial below to trim AVI files. It will never let you down.

Download AVI Cutter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to cut AVI files with ease (Windows version)

Mac users need to download AVI Video Cutter for Mac first and then do the cutting job with the following guide. The interface is almost the same.

1Add AVI files

First of all, open Video Editor and import your video to the program by clicking "Import". The added files will be immediately displayed in the User’s Album. Alternatively, you can also drag all your files from local folder to the program at one go.

Add AVI files

2Start to cut AVI video

After you have successfully added the files, you can then drag the video from User’s Album to the timeline panel. Next, drag the playback indicator on the timeline to the point where you want to cut the video and click “Scissors” button. To cut a video into as many pieces as you like, you only need to repeat the process. Any time you make a mistake, you can click “Undo” button to start over.

Cut AVI video

If you are going to edit out a segment, you can drag the playback indicator on the timeline to the spots where the segment starts or stops. And respectively click "Scissors" button at these two spots. Then the unnecessary section will be cut out. Press "Delete" on the keyboard to remove it.

3Export videos after cutting

After you have precisely cut the file as you wish, now you can click "Create" to choose a proper way to export the final result. There are four different options available:

  • "Device" tab: export the video to portable device like iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, PSP and more;
  • "Format" tab: save the video to local folder in original format or any format you like;
  • "YouTube" tab: publish the video on YouTube from the application for mare sharing;
  • "DVD" tab: burn the video to DVD disc to watch on TV through DVD player.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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Hi,Kylie. It depends on which format you have chosen as the output format.If you don't change the original format to a format with high compression rate when exporting.The quality of output video will be as good as the original one.
Hey! I've been looking for how to cut .avi to shorter clips. I thought this sounded super easy to do using this software. is the quality of the video pretty high after exporting?
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