MP4 Cropper - How to Crop MP4 to Remove Black Bars

Are you looking for an effective way to remove black bars around your MP4 video? To put focus on certain area of the video picture? To make the video well fit different screen sizes? If the answer is yes, you can crop MP4 to achieve the above purposes. But the initial step for accomplishing this task is to seek help from a fabulous MP4 cropper like Filmora Video Editor.

How to Crop MP4 Videos with Simple Clicks

crop mp4

Filmora Video Editor offers you two convenient options for finishing the job. You can either change the picture size manually by dragging the vectors of the rectangular box, or do it in the automatic way by selecting 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. Minutes later, the video picture will be cropped to your desired size. Then you can enjoy your video without the annoying black borders and get a better visual quality on your mobile devices. In addition to cropping, this full-featured application can totally meet your need in video editing, giving you an opportunity to turn your homemade video to fantastic movie.

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Step 1. Load your MP4 video to the User's Album

First, run the program and then import your file. Three ways of loading your video are available:
- Click "Import Media Files Here" to browse the target video in the file folder;
- Directly drag your video from local computer to the program;
- Hit the round button on the top left corner of primary interface and select "FILE" from the submenu.

mp4 crop

Step 2. Crop the video to your liking

Next, drag the source video from the User's Album to the timeline panel. Then right click on the video and select "Crop" to open the crop window. Alternatively, you can also double click on the video thumbnail and click "Crop" in the pop-up editing window.

Then you'll see two small windows. The left one is for you to do the cropping operation. The right one is for you to preview the real-time result.

To crop the file manually, you can drag any vector of the dashed box and move the box to focus on certain area. Or you can choose the aspect ratio to 4:3 or 16:9 at the bottom of the interface to crop the video automatically.

Click "OK" to confirm your change, or “Reset” to start over.

how to crop mp4

Step 3. Save and share your cropped MP4 video

Last, click "Create" to save the final result. You can either save the video to target directory on your computer or export it to your portable device. Besides, this program also offers you two popular ways of sharing your video with family and friends. One is publishing the video on YouTube; the other is burning the video to DVD.

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