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How to Compress a Video to a Small Size

Downloading a load of funny or useful videos from video-sharing websites but suddenly realize that the space of your hard drive is running out? Want to share your camcorder-recorded video on YouTube but find that the file size is too big to upload at a fast speed? If you are bothered by these problems, compressing video is undoubtedly the best solution.

There are a number of programs out there that will let you accomplish this task. But Aimersoft Video Editor is the ideal video compressor that can fully meet your need. It offers you various solutions to reduce video size, allowing you to do the job perfectly whilst not losing too much quality on the video file. Besides, the compression process can be finished at a faster speed, which enabling you to get what you want in minutes.

Download Video Compressor:

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How to compress a video file in Windows

Below is a detailed tutorial about doing video compression in Windows. The steps for handling the task in Mac are almost the same. But Mac users please download Video Editor for Mac first.

1Open your uncompressed video file in Video Editor

After running the program, you need to select the raw video that you want to compress and import it into the media library. To do this, you can either directly drag it from local folder to the program or click Import to add your files.

Add video to the program

2Edit your video with rich features (Optional)

In addition to reducing video size, this program also offers you various options for personalizing your video. Its basic features include trim, split, merge, crop, rotate, playback speed adjustment and more. You can also further optimize your video with stunning effects, transitions, watermarks and etc. If you want to edit your video with these rich features, you are free to carry on. If not, please proceed on by going to the next step.

Edit the video

3Compress large video file to a small size

Click Create to activate the Output interface. Here you are provided with two ways of shrinking file size:

1)Changing video format

Videos with FLV, WMV, MOV formats maintain a relatively smaller file size. If you don't mind converting the original video format to any of these formats, you can hit the Format tab to start the conversion.

Slim down a video

Note: FLV is widely used to deliver video over the Internet, for it creates small but high-quality files. Videos with this format can be loaded very quickly. WMV creates relatively small and widely compatible video files while preserves the better picture quality. MOV is a multimedia format that contains video and audio. It produces videos with good picture resolution. And the file size is small.

2)Adjusting video settings

Find the balance between resolution and bit rate of a video can also lead to smaller files. To adjust these parameters, you can hit either Device or Format and then click the triangle-shaped button next to Advanced Settings. The list of parameters will be shown subsequently. Now you're ready to make the adjustment.

Click Create again to start the compression process. When it is done, click Find Target to locate the compressed file.

Sometimes, the easiest way to slim down a video is to cut the unnecessary sections. This program also allows you to cut out the unwanted segment easily and precisely, making your video more enjoyable.

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

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