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Effective Solutions to Compress Videos for YouTube

For more and more people, it's very popular to upload videos to YouTube for more sharing. But it is really time-consuming to upload a video with large file size. Compressing videos for YouTube is a great way to shorten the time spent on uploading. And in this way, you are able to upload more videos as you wish in limited time. There are many programs that can make it easy for you to compress video files for YouTube. However, Aimersoft Video Editor is rated as the best YouTube Video Compressor for all your media files needs. This tool comes with various solutions to help you reduce the size of videos without sacrificing too much in the original quality. In addition to that, the compression process will be completed at a fast speed to give your videos with a new size after a few clicks. And the program is very easy-to-use. Even if it is the first time you have used it, you will immediately know what to do next.

Before compression, you are also able to enhance your videos with various inner features. For example, you can split a long video into small clips and edit out the unwanted sections, joining multiple clips together to get a single file, turning the videos 90 degrees and more to correct the viewing issue, etc. Furthermore, you are free to add background music, text, special effects, transitions and more to touch up your videos. With this fabulous program, you can not only get small-sized videos with excellent quality, but also turn your videos to fantastic movies.

Download YouTube Compressor:

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How to compress a video for YouTube

This tutorial is based on Windows version. If you are using a Mac, you need to download YouTube Compressor for Mac and then follow the same steps.

1Import the uncompressed files

After launching the Video Editor, you need to add the raw video files to the program by clicking the Import button. You can also load the files by dragging them directly from the local folder to the application. The files loaded for compression will be displayed in the User's Album.

Video compress youtube

2Resize videos for YouTube

Drag the video from the User's Album to the Timeline panel below. Then click the Create button to open the Output window. Here you are free to choose either of the following two options to shrink the video size:

1> Converting video format

Converting your video to a compressed video format like FLV, WMV can result in a smaller video size. To do this, you need to hit the Format tab and choose a new format in the drop-down list.

Video compression for youtube

2> Adjusting video parameters

If you'd like to keep the original video format, you can also produce a smaller video by lowering related parameters. Hit the Format tab and click the Arrow button beside Advanced Setting to open the drop-down list of parameters. You can suitably downgrade bit rate and resolution according to your needs.

Video compression for youtube

Now that you know how to compress a video for YouTube, it's also worth mentioning that this is task can be done by cutting unnecessary parts from the videos.

3Output the compressed video

After you have chosen a suitable way to shrink the video, you then need to click Create to start the process of compression. Wait a while and you'll get a video with a smaller size.

Now you have got compressed YouTube videos. Why not visit YouTube and share your videos right now?

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