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How to Compress MP4 Files with Filmora Video Editor Effortless

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Feel your MP4 movies take up too much space on your iPhone or iPad? Find your MP4 movies too large when you try to email them to your friends or upload to YouTube? I bet many people have similar problems. Thus you need a qualified MP4 compressor like Filmora Video Editor to help you deal with MP4 compression. It offers you two different options for resizing video. One is to change the original video format; the other is to adjust the related video parameters like resolution, bit rate. This program can not only accept MP4, but also work well with many other formats, such as MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, MPEG, VOB, TOD, MOD, FLV, etc.

If you want to personalize videos with basic editing features or touch it up with various effects, Video Editor is powerful enough to satisfy you. With simple clicks and drag-n-drop, you are able to better every detail of your video and get a perfect overall effect. With such wonderful videos in hand, you must be eager to share it with family and friends. Just have a try! Now, download the program and follow the guide below step by step.

The Best Way to Compress MP4 Files effectively

If you are using a Mac, please turn to Filmora Video Editor. A powerful and professional MP4 video compressor that can help you compress MP4 videos without losing quality. The way to accomplish the task is the same; here we just take Windows (Windows 10/8/XP/Vista compatible) version as an example.

Filmora Video Editor

  • Compress MP4 files and videos in many other formats without losing quality.
  • Edit video, audio and image files with rich features.
  • Touch up media files with a variety of good-looking effects.
  • Broadcast your projects via multiple channels for more sharing.

How to Compress MP4 Files effectively

Step 1. Add your MP4 files to the program

After you install and run the program, click Import to locate your target files. Or you can also directly drag your files from local folder to the User's Album. In the preview window, you can watch your video and take snapshots if you like.

VOB files joiner

Step 2. Reduce the size of MP4 file

Next you need to drag the video from User's Album to the Timeline Panel and then click Create to activate the output interface. Now you are ready to slim down video size in the following two ways:

1) By changing output format

Formats like FLV, WMV, MOV have high compression rate. Video with these formats are relatively small in size. If you don't care to change the output format, then you can convert MP4 to any of those formats. To do this, you can hit the Format tab and select a new format from the drop-down list.

2) By adjusting the parameters of video

If you'd like to keep the original video format, you can adjust the related video parameters to get a smaller file. Click the arrow beside Advanced Settings to bring out the drop-down choices and put in your needed presets. Downgrade resolution and bit rate will make the video size smaller. But you'd better preview the clip to make sure the result is acceptable.

Note: Generally speaking, compressing a MP4 video will cause quality loss. But Video Editor won't let you see obvious reduction in picture quality.

Shrink a mp4 video

Step 3.Start to compress

Now you can click Create to start the process of compression. This program will automatically do the rest things for you at a fast speed. When the process completes, you can click Find Target to locate your video.

compress mp4 video

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