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Video Editing Tips

Video Editing Tips

Here you will get all-round solutions to touch up your videos as you wish. You will learn how to edit, split, merge, rotate, etc. videos as well as append special video effects.


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Video Editing Tips

How to Split MPEG Video Easily on Windows/Mac
If you need to split your MPEG files, this article will introduce you an effective MPEG splitter and guide you to split MPEG step by step.
How to Split MOV Video Files with Ease on Windows/Mac
From this step-to-step guide, you’ll learn how to split MOV video files in Windows and Mac with an amazing MOV splitter.
Split VOB Files into Multiple Videos on Windows/Mac
If you are looking for a good VOB splitter, you are in the right place. This article will guide you to split VOB easily.
How to Join FLV Files into One Easily on Windows/Mac
Do you want to merge FLV into one? Follow this guide, you’ll find a best FLV joiner to join your FLV files with ease.
How to Cut FLV Videos into Short Clips Effortlessly
If you want to cut your FLV files, from this article you’ll how to achieve that effortlessly with an effective FLV cutter.
How to Easily Split WMV Files on Windows/Mac
Need to split your WMV video? This article introduces an awesome WMV splitter and shows you how to split WMV files effortlessly.
How to Edit MP4 Video with Ease in Windows/Mac
This MP4 video editor allows you to edit MP4 files precisely in Windows/Mac and convert the edited MP4 videos for playback anywhere you want.
How to Join VOB Files without Any Hassle
Want to merge VOB files into one? This article will introduces you a smart VOB joiner and shows you how to join VOB files step by step.
How to Compress MP4 Effectively in Windows/Mac
By compressing MP4, you are able to make video smaller so that you can easily upload it to websites. Follow the tutorial to learn how to accomplish the task.
How to Import and Edit YouTube Video in Windows Movie Maker
This tutorial illustrates how to convert YouTube videos to Windows Movie Maker-friendly format and edit YouTube video with Windows Movie Maker.
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