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How to Rip and Convert DVD to Tivo Supported Video Formats

This guide intends to show you how to convert video from a DVD to MPEG 2 to play the movie on your Tivo. Hope it will give you some help when you want to convert DVD files to Tivo MPEG 2 or upload DVD to TiVo device.

Here is the detailed information:
1: What is Tivo?
2: How to convert DVD to Tivo MPEG format
3: How to transfer converted DVD video to Tivo?

Part 1: What is Tivo?

TiVo is the pioneer of the digital video recorder (DVR). TiVo was introduced in the United States, and is now available in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, and The UK. TiVo DVRs provide an electronic television programming schedule, and provide features such as Season Pass recordings and WishList searches. TiVo also provides a range of features when the TiVo DVR is connected to a home network, including movie and TV show downloads, advanced search, personal photo viewing, music offerings, and online scheduling (From Wikipedia).

Part 2: How to convert DVD to Tivo MPEG format?

Before you transfer DVD videos to Tivo, you need to convert DVD to MPEG format first. There are many ways to convert DVD, and I will show the conversion process using DVD ripper. It is a a fast & effcient way to convert DVD to Tivo, and this powerful DVD ripper can rip DVD to MPEG with high quality.

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DVD Ripper - DVD to Tivo

1 Import DVD files

Please insert the DVD to convert, you can either click Add button to insert the files you want to convert,or easily drag & drop the DVD files into "Getting started" table.

2 Edit video files

After loading DVD files, you are allowed to make the perfect editing of videos by cropping, trimming, effect adjusting and watermark designing by clicking "Edit" button. Click "Crop -> Zoom" to set the video to 4:3 content as it is required for Tivos that do not properly add the letterbox bars to 16:9 content.

3 Customize output settings

Click the "Convert to" drop-down menu to select "common format -> MPEG 2 Movie" as output audio format;

Click the "Target Path" button to find the destination folder for saving output Tivo MPEG files;

And the default function works well, but if you want to get a better effect, you are allowed to customize the output parameters by clicking "Settings" button in the output settings area. It is recommended to set the Average Video Bitrate to 4500 and the Audio Bitrate to 224 to get the best quality, and the video resolution is set to 720x480 when you are done. Remember not to set a size that is greater than the original DVD file as that is just a waste of space.

4 Start conversion

Click "Start" button on right bottom of the main interface, you are allowed to start conversion. All the DVDs will be converted to Tivo MPEG files at fast speed and high output quality.

Part 3: How to transfer converted DVD video to Tivo?

You can use Tivo Desktop software to transfer converted DVD movies to TiVo.

First, open "My Documents" folder, by default there is a subfolder called "My Tivo Recordings", move your converted MEPG files to it. Then, launch TiVo Desktop, Just goto the Now Playing List, scroll all the way to the bottom, click on your Computer Name, and select the movie for transfer..After that, the videos will be transferred to Tivo automatically.

Ok, after convert DVD videos to Tivo MPEG format and transfer them to Tivo, we can enjoy them freely now.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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