YouTube 4K: Download 4K YouTube Videos in One Click and All Tips about 4K Videos

Here you will get how to download 4K videos from YouTube in one click with the fastest 4K downloader for YouTube. And all tipds about 4K video.

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Does YouTube support 4k?

Even though most of us have started to look at 4K videos, YouTube has supported the 4K videos since 2010. The video sharing site like YouTube has a bigger library of 4K videos than you may think. 4K videos are available for download on YouTube, and if you need to get high-quality videos, then YouTube has got you covered. YouTube 4K videos download and searches continue to increase, and YouTube continues to stream more 4K videos on the site. YouTube 4K videos contain precise image definition, and they are not blurry. You can now search and download YouTube 4K videos from YouTube without any limitation.

YouTube 4K Videos Free Download

There is no doubt that iTube HD Video Downloader is a powerful 4K Video Downloader. This 4K video downloader for YouTube supports the download of videos in just one click and all the 4K videos on YouTube are downloaded in their original quality. With iTube HD Video Downloader, you will be able to download 4k videos 3X faster than when using other video downloaders. Besides, you can convert the converted videos to other video formats using iTube HD Video Downloader. With the help of the media player, you can play the downloaded YouTube 4K video, and you can also share the video to mobile phones and other devices to watch at your convenience. You can download the video in batch with the iTube HD Video Downloader all at once. If you are looking for a 4K video downloader for YouTube which will help download 4K videos with no quality loss and at an incredible speed, then iTube HD Video downloader is the best program for you.

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How to Download YouTube 4K Videos with iTube HD Video downloader

Step 1. Install and launch this 4K YouTube Downloader

Launch iTube YouTube 4K download software on your computer. Then open your browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and go to YouTube and search the video that you want to download.

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Step 2. Download 4K Video from YouTube

1) Download 4K YouTube via the download button. Play the 4K video you want to download from YouTube. A download button will be displayed at the top left corner of your browser when the video begins to play. Click the “Download” button and then choose 4K as your video format. After choosing the video format click “Download”.

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2) Download YouTube 4K by copying the URL. Find the 4K video you want to download on, copy its URL and paste it into the main window of the iTube HD Video Downloader by clicking the “Paste URL” button, and the video will be downloaded. Or drag the URL of the 4K video from the YouTube address bar to the 4K downloader program dock icon.

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YouTube 4K: Tips You Should Know

1- YouTube 4K Content:

YouTube 4K content utilizes the VP9 compression codec as opposed to the common HEVC (h. 265) codec. The VP9 compression codec helps YouTube serve up high-quality 4K Ultra HD video at up to 60 frames per second.

2- YouTube 4K Resolution:

The YouTube 4K has a resolution of 3840 × 2160. The 4K standard used in YouTube is UHD-1 as which is also called 2160P.

3- YouTube 4K Sample:

There are many free 4k samples on YouTube. If you search for a 4K sample or other related keywords, you will be able to find multiple results. YouTube 4k samples can be played online. If you need to play them on your TV or device, you will need to download them first.

4- YouTube 4K Quality:

The best YouTube 4K quality should contain a video bitrate of 35-45 Mbps, mono audio bitrate of 128 kbps, stereo Audio bitrate of 384 kbps, and a 5.1 audio bit rate of 512 kbps.

5- First 4K Video on YouTube:

The first 4K video on YouTube was supported in 2010. YouTube began supporting the 4k videos as a result of the production of the 4K cameras. Users could view 4K videos on YouTube by choosing the “original” from the menu until on 2013 when the 2160p option appeared on the quality list.

6- YouTube 4K Streaming:

YouTube supports streaming of 4K videos up to 60fps, and the videos have four times more image definition than the 1080p video. YouTube 4k streaming offers videos that are more detailed, crisper and less blurry. YouTube 4k live streams began on 2016 and the 4K video streamed on YouTube can only be viewed using 4k-supported devices. To stream 4K videos on YouTube, you need 20mbps upload connection at the minimum. IF you are using “stream now” to stream 4k videos on YouTube, you do not need to set the bitrate. “Stream now” will automatically detect the encoder settings.

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