How to Download Videos from Vimeo Free of Charge?

In this article ,we are going to introduce how to download Vimeo videos free of charge with Vimeo homepage, how to download Vimeo videos free online by pasting Vimeo downloading URL.

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It’s no wonder that in today’s world, the trend of downloading Vimeo videos has become a necessity. And also, there is completely no wonder that you must be finding ways to download video from Vimeo free of charge. Well! We are glad to inform you that now you can effortlessly download Vimeo videos for free. Here, at this place, we are providing you 3 methods from which you can learn how to download video from Vimeo for free.

Part 1. Download Vimeo Videos Free from the Vimeo Homepage

iTube HD Video Downloader - All-in-One Vimeo downloader for Safari

  • Supports video downloads not only from Vimeo but from many other video sharing websites. To be precise, this tool supports over 10,000 sites like YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, Metacafe, VEVO, etc.
  • Makes it extremely easy for users to download Vimeo videos into convenient formats. Up to 150 different audio and video formats are supported with the choice of converting to device module being with the user as well.
  • Users can share Vimeo videos with ease depending on their interests. With a suitable media like USB, one can transfer Vimeo videos to Android phones, iPhone, VR devices, and game console among others.
  • Comes with an in-built video player which makes it easy for users to review directly downloaded Vimeo video and videos on your PC. This furthermore gives a much enjoyable and better way to watch video clips.
  • Supports download of Vimeo videos on various resolutions including the high quality and popular ones like HD , 4K UHD, 4K, 1920P, 1080P, 720P, 480P, and 360P among others.
  • Apart from being a video downloader provides a platform for users to convert both downloaded Vimeo videos and those saved in the local videos category within the PC. You will choose to convert to any format of your interest.

Below is a detailed tutorial on how to download videos from Vimeo in Safari, which is to great extent similar to those in Windows.

Downloading vimeo videos is actually a very easy task if you know the right way to do it. You may feel amazed to hear that users can actually download vimeo videos for free right from the homepage, yes you heard it right! One can download videos from vimeo for free right from the moment of visiting the homepage of the vimeo website or any other video sharing website. Thereby, is considered to be an effortless way to download videos from any video sharing website. Let’s get to know the very first method on how to download vimeo videos for free.

Step 1. Download TamperMonkey and Install it.

Firstly, users are required to download and install the base extension i.e.TamperMonkey for Chrome browser. Hit on the link provided and you’ll be redirected directly to the installation page of this extension.

vimeo free download - Download TamperMonkey

Step 2. Install iTube Extension to TamperMoneky

Once the TamperMonkey extension is successfully added to the browser, you are required to head towards this link in order to install the very essential “iTube userscript” to TamperMonkey extension.

vimeo free download - Install iTube Extension

Step 3. That’s all about it. Refresh the page afterwards.

Yes, you’re done now! iTube extension is now successfully added to your browser and you are ready to begin downloading the videos from vimeo for free. Now you just have to close the entire browser and re-open it to get the iTube browser extension working. Or, you can either just refresh the webpage to make the change.

Now, navigate to the vimeo video you wish to download and subsequently hit the iTube’s “Download” button visible near your video’s screen.

vimeo free download - hit the iTube’s “Download” button

Part 2. Download Vimeo Videos Free Online by Pasting Vimeo Download Link

The time has come where you need to know the steps to download vimeo video free online. We are giving the steps to download vimeo video with the help of Dovideo online as it's the most popular vimeo downloader online and the most admired among millions of users.

Steps to Download Vimeo Videos

Step 1. Go to DoVideo Online Video Downloader

The first step will be visiting You will observe a box in the main interface.

vimeo downloader online - Go to DoVideo Online Video Downloader

Step 2. Paste URL

Copy the video URL from Vimeo, and paste it into the column of DoVideo Online Video Downloader.

vimeo downloader online - Paste URL

Step 3. Download and Save the file

the online Vimeo Downloader will analyze the video URL and display the downlable resolutions. You can right-click the Download Now button and choose Save link as to download the video to your computer.

vimeo downloader online - Download and Save the file

So, you've read all the free vimeo downloader online in a detailed way and also learnt the steps to download vimeo videos using the most admired program i.e. Dovideo. Not to mention, the capability of this vimeo downloader is far better when compared to other vimeo online downloaders. But still, everything depends on your preference. Choose the best one and make yourself happy by using it to download vimeo videos.

Part 3. The Best Way to Download Vimeo Videos

This is the third and the best way for Vimeo free videos downloading process. iTube HD Video Downloader is one of the renowned Vimeo free videos downloaders and is fully packed with powerful features and incredible downloading quality. Not just downloading, it can help in recording, converting the videos to preferred format and transferring the video to mobile devices. You get 150+ options to choose the video format from. Along with high speed downloading, iTube HD Video Downloader enables the users to download videos from over 10,000 video hosting websites. Another amazing part is that it allows downloading videos in batch too. Let’s learn the steps on how to download video from Vimeo for free using iTube HD Video Downloader.

How to download Vimeo videos free

Step 1 Launch iTube HD Video Downloader

First of all, please note that iTube HD Video Downloader offers Mac as well as Windows version. So decide to download the suitable one. After downloading, install it on the computer and launch it then.

vimeo free download  - Launch iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 2 Search the Vimeo Video

Now, open and look for the video which you want to enjoy offline. Open the video after searching it. Copy its link and proceed to the next step.

vimeo free download  - Search the Vimeo Video

Step 3 Download Vimeo video for free

Now, again go to iTube HD Video Downloader and click on the button that says “Paste URL”. Once you click, the video will begin to download automatically. However, if you desire to download video in some other format, you need to toggle the “Download then Convert Mode” button. Choose a wished format and click “OK”.

vimeo free download  - Download Vimeo video for free

Step 4 Check your Video

Now, after downloading, click the “Downloaded” tab and you can find your downloaded video there.

If you would like to play and watch the video without using any other third party application, you surely can do it too with the iTube’s in-built video player that is very powerful and loaded with features to play any type of videos.

vimeo free download  - Check your Video

Free downloading from Vimeo is what all the users need and we hope that you will be happy reading this article because not just one, you’ve learnt three methods of Vimeo free downloading. We would like to know which one method you would prefer. Well! We would really say that from the three ways which are, downloading from Vimeo homepage, Vimeo link downloading or downloading with iTube HD Video Downloader, third one will be the easiest and best way. After all, you are getting countless features with it. With this we come to an end of this article, have a good day ahead and thanks for reading.

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