How to Download Vimeo Videos to iPad

This article mainly tells to use iTube HD Video Downloader to download Vimeo videos with Vimeo downloader. Also, it also tells transfer Vimeo videos to your ipad device.

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A huge number of video-sharing portals are present these days. Being the first to be compatible with HD videos, Vimeo is counted as one of the most trusted and popular video-sharing website. There comes a need of downloading Vimeo videos to iPad. Vimeo allows you to download directly from the official website but this downloading feature doesn’t work with all the videos. Thus, we have a solution to download Vimeo video to iPad. We will also present the tutorial on how to download Vimeo videos to iPad.

How to Download Vimeo Videos to Your iPad Device

In order to download from Vimeo to iPad, iTube HD Video Downloader is an ultimate video downloader that provides a great downloading speed and gives the users a benefit of downloading from multiple sites as well. This video downloader offers a free trial and has always admired by the users. Furthermore, it takes just few clicks to download Vimeo videos to iPad. The steps on how to download Vimeo videos to iPad with this video downloader are extremely easy which will learn after knowing its wonderful features.

iTube HD Video Downloader - All-in-One Video Downloader to Download Vimeo to iPad

  • This video downloader is so powerful that it lets the users to download from 10,000+ video sites.
  • More than 150 formats are supported with iTube HD Video Downloader, which means you can download in whatever format you want.
  • You can download the entire playlist or channel with much ease.
  • It promises 3 times faster speed than other downloaders.
  • It also allows conversion of the downloaded video or local video to any format.
  • What’s more, you can straightforwardly transfer local, recorded or downloaded videos to iOS and Android devices with iTube HD Video Downloader.
  • It helps in downloading best quality videos like 4k or full HD videos.

How it works to download videos from Vimeo to iPad

Step 1. Launch iTube HD Video Downloader

To begin with, go to the official website, download iTube HD Video Downloader and install it on your PC. Then comes the step of launching the video downloader.

download from vimeo to ipad - Launch iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 2. Decide the Video

Now, in another tab, go to Vimeo website and find the video you want. When you decide which video you want to download from Vimeo to iPad, play it. While playing, you will be able to see the link showing in the address bar. Copy that link of the video.

download from vimeo to ipad - Decide the Video

Step 3. Download Vimeo Videos in your iPad

Now, it’s time for downloading. Come to the iTube HD Video Downloader application homepage again that you visited in the first step. Click on the “Paste URL” button and the moment you click the button, the video will begin downloading. To make alterations in the video format, you need to click on “Download” then “Convert Mode” button that will be on upper right corner. Click on the button and select the format you want. Hit “OK” and you will get the video in the same format.

download from vimeo to ipad - Download Vimeo Videos in your iPad

Step 4. Watch your Video

Last step would be to check your video that you have downloaded. Go to the “Downloaded” tab and find the Vimeo video or videos you wish to transfer to your iPad device. Hover over the video and the Transfer button will appear on its right end. Hit on the transfer button to add it to the transfer list.

download from vimeo to ipad - Hit on the transfer button

Step 5. Make a connection between your iPad and Computer

Now, plug in your iPad device into the computer with the help of a lightening cord and the moment you’re going to plug it in, the iTube HD Video Downloader application will automatically detect it.

download from vimeo to ipad - Make a connection

Step 6. Shoot up the Transfer process.

Next is to intiate the transfer of files to your device. To do this, move to the transfer list under “Transfer tab”. Hit the Transfer button on the video and you’re done, iTube HD Video Downloader immediately initiates the transferring process.

download from vimeo to ipad - Shoot up the Transfer process

If in case, you want to speed up the process and eliminate your presence of giving in a transfer command for each video, all you got to do is just hit the “Transfer All” button on the upper-right corner and it will automatically transfer all your videos on transfer list to your targeted device. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Now, you are fully aware of the best video downloader and how to download video from Vimeo to iPad using the same product. You will not get disappointed by using this video downloader. It always takes care of the customers’ satisfaction and for this reason it has always provided amazing results. It has achieved a high success rate and you should not wait anymore to start the downloading process. We hope that you get the best time watching videos or movies offline. Happy downloading Vimeo videos to iPad!

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