Which is Better to Download Original Vimeo Files, iTube or Apowersoft?

In order to download an original file from Vimeo, which one is better between iTube HD Video Downloader and Apowersoft software? Guess the answer.

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Vimeo is a very famous video sharing website that is used to upload, view and share videos and has always attracted millions of users. With the increasing of the users, the demand for saving Vimeo files has also tremendously raised. Since many videos on Vimeo are not available for direct downloading from the official websites and there are numerous third-party softwares that help in downloading Vimeo original files. However, the two most preferred among those are iTube HD Video Downloader and Apowersoft. And therefore, we are going to explain which one is better to download original Vimeo files and how to download Vimeo files with each one.

Part 1. Download Original Vimeo Files with iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader helps the users to download Vimeo files in a very simple way. If you wish the fast downloading speed, iTube HD Video Downloader is the best option. This also comes handy when it comes to useful features. One can avail several benefits with this Vimeo file downloader like recording, downloading, converting to different format. Let’s take a glance at its amazing and helpful features.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Download Original Vimeo Files in One Click

  • Download files from nearly 10,000 video sharing portals.
  • Download full playlists at a time.
  • Download files from Vimeo and other sites at the fastest speed.
  • Convert the downloaded and recorded files in 150+ formats. Convert local video to desired format as well.
  • Download 4k full HD videos.
  • Download videos to MP3 format directly.
  • Download subtitles of the videos.
  • Easily transfer files to Android or iOS devices.

User reviews:

Wow! very cool. Need a product to let me view youtube videos off-line and this works great. Very fast at downloading, well designed user interface. This is all i needed for now but i will definitely be back for the full version when i need more. Thank you!

I have been using iTube HD video downloader, which is really great for downloading videos from youtube and other video sites .... it’s great.

With iTube HD Video Downloader, extracting MP3 from YouTube videos is as easy as clicking a button. Because it’s so easy, I can’t keep track of all the new music piling up!

download vimeo files - iTube HD Video Downloader

How to download Vimeo files with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1. Install iTube HD Video Downloader

First of all, download and install this video downloader. Launch it afterwards on your computer.

download vimeo files - Install iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 2. Browse for the File

Now, head towards Vimeo’s official portal and look for the Vimeo file that you need to download. Copy its URL.

download vimeo files - Browse for the File

Step 3. Download Vimeo Files

Now, click on the box provided on the homepage of the iTube HD Video Downloader. It will start downloading file from Vimeo. Click on “Download then Convert Mode” button if you want to make changes in the format of the video.

download vimeo files -  Download Vimeo Files

Step 4. See your File

Click on the “Downloaded” tab and you will be able to see your saved Vimeo file. Please note that the file will be in the format what you selected in the previous step.

download vimeo files -  See your File

Part 2. Download Original Files from Vimeo with Apowersoft

Apowersoft is another video downloader that can help you to save Vimeo file. It offers four methods for downloading Vimeo files which are ‘Copy-Paste URL’, ‘External Detection’, ‘Internal Detection’, ‘Download Playlist’. It also gives the benefits with some practical tool to the users that will help them to add download videos to iTunes, edit audio and more.

Key Features:

  • Downloads files from various video sharing websites like Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion and more.
  • Donverts audio and video files to many formats that include AVI, MP3, WMV, FLV and so on.
  • Provides built-in player where downloaded Vimeo files can be played easily.
  • Provides good speed too.

User reviews:

"Work great, now I could download the HD YouTube videos."

"Gorgeous Software Just Like a Breeze"

"Video was not playable by any software other than the converters previewer. Great to recommend to people you don't like."

"It is murderously slow, be prepared for videos to download in real-time. If you are downloading a five hour opera... you wait 5 hrs or more."

download vimeo files -Apowersoft

How to download Vimeo files with Apowersoft

Step 1. Download Apowersoft

Start the process with downloading and installing Apowersoft. Launch it and select “Settings” on the main interface. This will ask you to choose the quality and clarity you want for the file.

download vimeo files - Download Apowersoft

Step 2. Choose the File

Select the desired file by moving to the official website of Vimeo an copy the link provided in the address bar.

download vimeo files - Choose the File

Step 3. Paste the Link

Now, in the last step, paste the link of the file in the Apowersoft interface. This will initiate to download file from Vimeo. You’re done now!

download vimeo files - Paste the Link

Part 3. A Comparison of iTube HD Video Downloader and Apowersoft

Features iTube HD Video Downloader Apowersoft
Download video/audio files from video hosting portals. Supports downloading from 10,000+ web video portals. Limited
Download Speed
3X turbo downloading speed (than other downloaders) Medium
Batch Downloading of files Yes Yes
File Formats supported Support downloading and conversion into more than 150 file formats Limited
In-built player Equipped with a powerful player to play all sort of video Yes
Recording facility Yes Yes
File Conversion speed Fast Slow

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iTube HD Video Downloader
iTube HD Video Downloader

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