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Top 3 ways to Sync Music, Video, and Photo from Computer to iPod without iTunes

What if you absolutely love your iPod but doesn’t feel the same way with the iTunes? Does that mean you’re stuck with that software for life? Well, you shouldn’t be. There is a good number of iTunes alternatives out there that can help you sync your music, videos, and photos from your computer to iPod. It is just a matter of discovering the best ones. 

How to Transfer Computer Music, Video, and Photo to iPod

Below are three programs that can do the job for you. Check them out to see if they are the software that you’re looking for all along.

1 Aimersoft iTransfer for Mac

This is a cool software that can make you forget about the iTunes for a while. Aimersoft iTransfer for Mac allows you to manage your iPod and transfer or sync your files easily from your computer and vice versa. Aside from iPods, it will also work with your iPhone and iPad. Even the newly-released iOS devices, such as the iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c, are compatible with it too. 

Download Mac Version

iTransfer is an easy-to-use, lightweight iTunes alternative that you can take just about anywhere. To transfer files, simply drag and drop the ones that you want to transfer from your computer and into your device. This software also helps a lot in the organization process, as it also allows users to create playlists and easily edit the meta tags of their files. 

Computer to iPod transfer

Installation of this software is a breeze. It can run on a Mac with full ease. Simply double click the program on the computer and it will immediately work. The user interface is very easy to understand as well. Transfer files from any computer into your iPod or iPhone with just a few clicks of the mouse. This software has a free trial version available. Try it and you’ll find synching music files from your iPod and other iOS devices with your computer to be a very simple task. 

2 Floola

Floola is yet another iPod sync software that can help you with all your music, video, and photo transfer needs. This one is also a freeware and it will work with the Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. Aside from the iPod, it can also be used for Motorola mobile phones. But what most users might not like about it is that it can’t be used for the iPhone, the iPod touch, or the iPod Nano 6G. 

copy Computer videos to iPod

Even so, this one’s a good software for synching iPod files because like CopyTrans above, it requires no installation either. But not like it, you won’t be running the program from the computer. Instead you do it from the iPod. So the first step you should do it is to upload the app on your device. Then connect your device to the computer. The software will then launch immediately. That’s real portability for you! And because it is built that way, it makes the program a true a cross platform software. Aside from a Mac computer, you should be able to use it for a Windows computer and a Linux machine without any problems.

With Floola, extracting and copying songs, videos, and photos to and from the iPod becomes a very easy task. You can do the same for playlists as well. If you want to manage your files, like search for duplicate files, deleted items, and lost songs, this software can help you a lot as well. What’s more, it also has a feature that allows you to convert audio and video files into a more compatible format. The software has a few other features that users can take advantage of too. Simply find the time to explore all the other things you can do with it and you’ll definitely enjoy using your iPod more. 

3 Banshee

If you are looking for a good iTunes alternative, then you may just get everything you need from this software. Banshee is a multi-platform software, which means you can use it for your Windows and Mac OS X too. But do note though, that this one is originally intended for Linux users. 

This software contains a range of rocking features, as its developer calls it. First off, it allows you to seamlessly sync your device with your computer. You’ll be glad to know that aside from your iPod, it will also work with an Android device and other portable players. 

transfer Computer musics to iPod

And as a real iTunes alternative, you can do more than just transfer files with it. For starters, you can discover podcasts with this software and subscribe to the ones that you find interesting. If you are interested about purchasing music, you can easily do so using this software. 

What’s more, Banshee can play your tracks and videos. Like iTunes, it has a built in player that allows you to queue tracks and shuffle them. Enjoying good music using your iPod has never been as good as this. Try to create new playlists or do some searches while you’re at it. Banshee definitely makes things so much easier. 

These are the three other ways on how to sync your iPod with your computer. Using any one of them, you need not think about iTunes all the time. Or better yet, use these programs in conjunction with iTunes. You may just find them working perfectly well with each other. And then all your sync problems will disappear. 

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