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How to Cut MPEG Videos Easily and Precisely

Have you been searching for a program that will allow you to cut MPEG video files? You might be using one of the editing programs to take out sections of files in other formats like AVI, but it's not working on the MPEG files. For instance, you could have a program that will help you to do some cutting but it is only saving the file as AVI and not as MPEG. What you need here is a reliable MPEG cutter and you are in luck. In this article, you can find out about a wonderful video cutting tool called the Aimersoft Video Editor. This program will enable you to cut your MPEG files to get any segment that you want without interfering with the original video quality.

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MPEG or Moving Picture Experts Group is part of the ISO family and it's developed as digital video file formats and compression standards. In general, MPEG produces videos with much better quality than the competing formats like QuickTime, Indeo and Windows video. In the past, you would need hardware codecs or decoders to process the MPEG files on PCs, but today the software-only decoders can be used. MPEG has a high compression rate because it only stores the changes from a single frame to another, rather than the entire frame. Read on to know more about cutting your MPEG files.

Aimersoft Video Editor can carry out MPEG cut tasks with ease. It is a highly effective video editing tool that comes with features to complete all your media related tasks at top speed and with output quality that will surpass your expectations. This intelligent program is specifically designed to help users edit videos in all the popular formats and then save them in any way that they want. Besides cutting, the editing functions include cropping, adding text templates, merging, adding filter effects, transitions, PIP, and more. You could use it to cut files in a number of other formats including AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, MP3, FLV, WMA, and much more.

You should download and install the Aimersoft Video Editor (Video Editor for Mac) right now if you want to start cutting your video files. The program can work on Windows Vista/XP/7/8 as well as Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 and 10.5. Get the right version and follow the simple tips below.

Part 1. Cut MPEG files to extract certain parts

Part 2. Split a long MPEG video to short clips

Part 1. Instruction on how to cut a MPEG video

1Upload the source video

You can load your videos by clicking on the Import button that is at the top left side of the program's interface. Another way to do this is to drag and drop the files directly to the interface.

mpeg cut

2Start cutting MPG file

Drag the video files from the User's Album on the program to the Timeline Panel. There is a Playback Indicator that you can drag to the exact area where you want to do the cutting and then press the Split button. After that, you would delete the parts which are not needed. Bear in mind that you can cut parts from the beginning, ending or the middle section of the videos.

cut mpeg

Part 2. Instruction on how to split a MPEG video into pieces

1Add the target MPEG videos

This can be done by dragging the videos from your computer unto the program or by clicking the Import button. The added files will be displayed in the User's Album as thumbnails.

2Divide the video into clips

Split your MPEG videos by setting the beginning and ending times or by moving the Playback Indicator. Simply move the Playback Indicator to where the segment starts and ends and click on Split at the two areas respectively if you just want to remove a section from anywhere in the middle part with the MPEG video cutter. Once you delete the unnecessary sections you will get the segments that you need.

mpeg video cutter

3Output the MPEG video

After cutting out the unwanted sections, you should click on the Create button in order to export the remaining part. There are several options available for output which include exporting the videos to mobile devices; saving to a local computer; re-publishing the videos from the application to Facebook or YouTube and burning to DVD discs.

mpeg cutter

Choose the impressive Aimersoft Video Editor program as your MPEG Video Cutter when you want to deal with any kind of video cutting or splitting. It can complete these tasks easily and quickly, regardless of the video format and size.

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