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How to Cut 3GP Videos into Pieces for Easier Uploading

Did you record a 3GP video with a mobile device and it took up a lot of space on your small SD card? If so, you might be looking for a 3GP cutter tool that can help you to edit this video. The best way to edit the 3GP files on your mobile phone and make them even more enjoyable would be to use a powerful video editor with professional functions. Find out more below.

3GP is actually a video coding format for 3G streaming media. It is used widely by mobile phones with the 3G platform. The Third Generation Partnership Project or 3GPP defines this multi-media container format.

Download 3GP Cutter:

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As mentioned above, you need a powerful tool to carry out the desired task and Aimersoft Video Editor is the ideal one for this job. Available in both Windows and Mac version, this is an excellent editing tool for you to use and cut 3GP files. You can use it to trim, crop, merge, insert background music, touch up videos and do other things as well. This software program will also come in handy if you want to make your videos more compatible with various platforms. It allows converting to nearly every other video format without quality loss.

When you decide to work on the files, you need to ensure that you are downloading the right version for your computer's operating system. It also important to make sure that program is installed successfully before getting started. Some tips are provided below to help you cut your 3GP video files in Windows. For Mac users, you can also follow the same tutorial after downloading 3GP Cutter for Mac.

How to cut a 3GP video easily and precisely

1Import the source videos to the program

Click on the Import button to upload the target videos into the video editing program once it's installed and launched successfully. Once they are loaded, you will see the files in the User's Album.

cut 3gp

2Start cutting a 3GP video file

Drag the video file from the media library into the Timeline Panel. The application will allow you to cut large files freely into smaller ones and remove unwanted segments before joining them. You also have the option to add new sounds to your videos or adjust the effects to get them more stylish.

3gp cutting

To cut off the beginning or ending of the video, you can move the Playback Indicator to the desired position and click the Split button. If you want to edit out a segment from the middle of the video, you can move the Playback Indicator to the star and ending points respectively and then click the Split button at these two points.

Now you can freely delete the unwanted parts and keep what you need only.

3Save and export the compiled file

The video editor provides many output options. You could opt to save the compiled videos in their original format or maybe convert them to some other format to play directly on portable devices, share with others on YouTube and Facebook and burn a DVD for long-term preservation.

cutting 3gp

Download the free trial version of the 3GP Video Cutter to give it a try!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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