YouTube to CD/CDA: Convert YouTube Music to CD in 3 Easy Ways

Want to burn YouTube music to CD? Get top 3 easy YouTube to CD converter here to download and convert music from YouTube to a CD.

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CD amateurs always want to find the way to convert YouTube to CD converter for playing on CD players, it is very easy to do so with the help of YouTube music to CD converter. But many people are worried about the procedures converting YouTube to CD involved to be complex. As a matter of fact, it will be very simple if you choose the right tool. We will share top 3 easy ways on how to convert YouTube to CD in this article and you can find the most suitable guide for you.

Part 1. Top 3 Easy Ways to Convert YouTube Music to a CD

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Convert YouTube to CD on Mac/Windows - iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader is a wonderful desktop solution for burning YouTube music to CD. This YouTube downloader is very fast in downloading music from YouTube and will be the best thing to have for burning your music to CD.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Best YouTube to CD/CDA Converter

  • Download HD videos from 10,000+ online video sites and comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Directly download YouTube videos to MP3 with original quality maintained.
  • Support to record online videos in high quality if you can't download it.
  • Convert downloaded YouTube videos or other media files to several audio formats.
  • Transfer downloaded video or music files to portable devices with USB easily.
  • Record any online video from any online video page even those "unable to download" sites.
  • Record any online video from any online video page even those "unable to download" sites.

Step-by-step Guide to Convert YouTube Music to CD in 2 Ways

Method 1. Convert YouTube Music to CD with Download Button

First of all you need to download and install iTube HD Video Downloader on Mac. Launch this software, then you can play the music video you want to burn to CD on the browser. A "Download" button will show up at the top of your video when the video is detected on the webpage. Just click "Download" button and select "MP3" option, the software will directly download YouTube to MP3 for you.

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Method 2. Convert YouTube Music to CD with URL

Copy the video URL in the address bar when you are watching the video in the browser. Open the iTube HD Video Downloader, click the "Download MP3" button on the top left corner of the main interface. Then the program will begin to directly download YouTube music to MP3.

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Directly Record YouTube Music to CD

Aimersoft Audio Recorder for Mac and Windows is the best YouTube to CD converter, because it allows users to record YouTube music with 100% original quality and directly burn to CD. Its advantages include recording music files from many sources and an easy-to-use interface.

More feature of this YouTube to CD converter:

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Third Party to Convert YouTube to CD - Apple iTunes

iTunes can help you burn YouTube music to CD. It is one professional program that can among other things manage as well as play your music, come up with suitable playlists and manage your music. The most notable feature of Apple iTunes is its ever evolving interface. It is user-friendly and you will have the privilege of using it to burn your YouTube music to CD. The main advantage of Apple iTunes is its increased performance which is second to none in the market. However, it has a few missing features that definitely turn away many people intending to have Apple iTunes for burning their YouTube music to CD.

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Part 2. Problems When Converting YouTube Music to CD

The reasons for converting YouTube music to CD may differ from one person to another. The need to economize on storage space is one big reason why you will consider burning YouTube music to CD. The second reason is extended playing time. Normally, songs on YouTube play for a limited time like one hour but that will be extended by a great margin once burned to CD. Thirdly, burning YouTube music to CD increases compatibility which is a major issues when playing music on different media players. Another reason that will drive you into burning YouTube music to CD is high audio reproduction. Most of the music files end up with poor sound quality once converted but the quality remains high when music is burned to CD.

If you have experienced challenges when converting YouTube music to CD, Don't worry! Here is the solution for you. Many people have reported similar issues which are caused by a variety of factors. This part will touch on three main problems that are encountered when burning music to CD.

#1. Scratches are very harmful to CDs and can make burning totally unachievable. You are supposed to handle the CD with great care such that it does not suffer from duct or scratches. The scratches will result in the system giving a burning error notification.

#2. The viruses which will find their way into a CD from the computer system in many ways. Once the CD has been affected by viruses, you will have it tough when burning YouTube music to CD. In case you suspect that your system has viruses, don't hesitate from carrying out a thorough scan to get rid of the viruses that are known to cause big problems when burning CDs.

#3. The computer you are using can be slow or start hanging up severally and it’s a major problem. This happens when the computer has remained functional for long periods prior to you starting the process of burning YouTube music to CD. To avoid that, you are advised to reboot the computer before beginning to burn the music to CD.

There are many other problems that are encountered but rebooting options are always there for your consideration.

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