YouTube to MP3 Converter Not Working Problems and Solutions

If you have YouTube-MP3, convert2mp3 or Listen to YouTube not working problems, you can get some tips to solve such problem with ease in this article.

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If you intend to download YouTube to MP3, you may use YouTube to MP3 converter or downloading sites like online mp3 converter, or some YouTube to MP3 music downloader programs. In this process, you might encounter some problems like YouTube MP3 not working. Many YouTube to MP3 converter not working issues are caused by YouTube constantly update or the google warning on legal YouTube to MP3 downloader. If you are one of the YouTube users who meet YouTube MP3 not working problems, here is the right place for you. Here we provide full tips to solve the problem of "can't convert YouTube to MP3" or "convert to MP3 not working" with ease.

Part 1. YouTube MP3 Not Working Problem - Best Solution to Fix the Problem of Youtube MP3 Not Working

Well, thanks to, Convert2MP3 and the similar sites for providing YouTube to MP3 converter and downloading service those years, and now it's time to turn to a more safer and working solution - YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader app for Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android devices. We at naturally recommend iTube HD Video Downloader, which converts YouTube to MP3 in a way that is totally different from, and other YouTube to MP3 conversion sites.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Download YouTube to MP3 to Avoid YouTube MP3 Not Working Problem

  • Download videos from YouTube and other 10,000+ video sites including Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and could avoid Youtube MP3 Not working.
  • Support to download mutiple YouTube videos or YouTube Playlist in batch at 3X faster download speed.
  • Directly download YouTube to MP3 high quality in one click and it supports to download YouTube 4K HD videos and YouTube playlist to MP3.
  • Convert YouTube videos to any video and mp3 audio format or directly to preset formats like iPhone, iPod, iPad and other devices.
  • Manage the videos and directly export the video to iTunes library. Play the videos with built-in player.
  • Transfer downloaded YouTube music or videos to portable devices to enjoy on the go at anytime.
  • Built with a video recorder which allows to RECORD any online video from any online video site including those unable to download ones.
  • Private Mode to fully protect your video downloading information with a password known by yourself only.

How to Download and Convert YouTube to MP3 in Simple Steps

Step 1. Open the YouTube to MP3 Converter and Downloader

First, download and install this YouTube to MP3 converter. This process will enable a "Download" button to download YouTube video right from your browser. With the "Download MP3" feature activated, you can even directly download YouTube to MP3 or any other formats without further conversions at all. not working-launch the iTube Studio Youtube to MP3 converter

Step 2. Download YouTube to MP3 in one Click

Download YouTube to MP3 from URL. Find the YouTube video you want to download. Copy the YouTube video URL and navigate to the main interface of the program, and then click "Paste URL" > "Download MP3". The program will start downloading the video. And you will get the output video in MP3 format.

convert2mp3 not working-download Youtube to MP3 in one click

Download YouTube MP3 with browser extenstion. Alternatively, you can directly download and convert YouTube to MP3 with browser download extension. When you play the YouTube on Safari, Chrome or Firefox, you will see a "Download" button on the video window. Now click the button and select MP3 option to start converting YouTube to MP3.

youtube to mp3 not working problem-download Youtube MP3 with browser extention

Step 3 (optional). Transfer the Downloaded Videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android

After download Youtube to MP3 in one click, the audio file will be in the "Downloaded" tab automatically. When you click on the video list, you will see the transfer icon. Click on the icon and add the video to the transfer list.

youtube to mp3 not working problem-find the transfer list on the download tab

Connect your iPhone or Android device with USB cable. Open the “Transfer” tab and you will see the notice that the device has been connected. And you can view the videos waiting for transferring.

youtube to mp3 not working problem-Connect your mobile device to the program

Now click the “Transfer” button beside the video list to start transferring. When finish, you can view the video files on your devices.

youtube to mp3 not working problem-Start transfer the downloaded Youtube video to mobile device

Part 2. Comparison of YouTube to MP3 Sites and YouTube to MP3 Converter

You might have trouble to choose a better YouTube to MP3 conversion tools from the Internet, since there several YouTube to MP3 converter sites like,, and and desktop converters recommended. Before you make a decision, you should better understand the cons to use online service:

1. You might encounter audio quality issues when using YouTube MP3 conversion sites. They will convert the video without any promise on the quality.
2. The long conversion time is another problem. For large video file, you have to wait for endlessly for the output.
3. Sometimes you will be frustrated with the conversion format limitation. As most YouTube to MP3 conversion websites online support MP3 output.
4. Another problem you should consider is the conversion amount. For online service, you can only convert the video one by one.

So, it is better to get a more functional desktop converter to avoid any of these issues. Get a alternative Best YouTube Downloader so you stay away from the YouTube-mp3 not working issues. iTube Studio is also an ideal alternative to some YouTube to MP3 downloader and converter for its ease and updates when they stop working. With it, the problem of YouTube to MP3 not working on iPhone, iPad and Android can also be solved.

Video Tutorial on How to Convert YouTube to MP3

Part 3. Common Issues and Solutions of YouTube MP3 Converter Not Working is the number 1 YouTube to MP3 converter worldwide. The simple website provides you with the easiest and fastest way to convert YouTube videos to MP3. Different to other alternatives, the YouTube to MP3 converter program performs the whole conversion process by its infrastructure, and you’ll only have to download the MP3 from its servers. However, you are likely to encounter a few problems:

#1: Limit Reached Error of YouTube MP3 Converter supports 15 conversions per half an hour. However, you can bypass this limit by simply launching an alternative web browser and use it to download your YouTube videos to MP3. Alternatively, you can download and install a program known as TOR. Once the software is installed, just give it some time to open up and then navigate back to You’ll then be able to download videos to MP3 without limitations.

vidtomp3 not working

#2: An Error Message saying There is Maintenance Going and You Should Try Again Within the Next Hour

Sometimes when you paste your YouTube video link and then click the "Convert" button, the page reloads but won't let you download it. You don't have to wait for an hour to fix this not working problem. Just reload your page or go to's homepage and then restart the download process by pasting the YouTube link and clicking the "Convert" button. The “Download” button will then appear, and you'll be able to save the YouTube mp3 to your device.

youtube to mp3 not working

#3: "There Was an Error caused by YouTube..." Error

If your YouTube video is longer than 20 minutes, you'll be unable to download it with We recommend that you get a comprehensive program such as iTube Studio and download it with ease. However, if this error was caused by copyright issues, you can always search for another YouTube video that’s indistinguishable to the one you wanted to download.

listen to youtube not working

#4: Invalid URL Error

While copying the YouTube video URL, you must be very keen. In fact, you should always copy the URL directly from YouTube. The "invalid URL" error can also appear if you are trying to convert a video that's longer than 20 minutes.

can't convert youtube to mp3

#5: Poor Audio Quality or No Audio at All

While playing the downloaded YouTube MP3, you might realize that there's no audio, or the sound quality is below average. Generally, downloads audio files in original quality. Therefore, if the original YouTube video has no audio/ poor sound, you can't expect to get a high-quality audio from the downloaded file. You should always listen to the video before you can copy and paste the link to

Recently we have heard about tons of complaints about YouTube MP3 converter not working, not working problem, etc. As online YouTube to MP3 converter service tools, YouTube-MP3 converter, naturally are limited to the Internet connection status, downloaded image quality, possible website paralysis, etc. Why not convert YouTube to MP3 with a stable best YouTube downloader to enhance your YouTube downloading experience?

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