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How to Convert VOB to WMV Format in Windows/Mac

A VOB file usually contains audio, menu, subtitle, navigation and video contents, which is great for saving movies. However, there are times that your VOB videos are not compatible with the device or video editing program you have and you need to convert VOB to WMV. The good thing is that you can convert VOB format to WMV with the help of a video converter. Now just follow this article to convert VOB files to WMV and enjoy your favorite movies and tracks with more enthusiasm.

With the user-friendly interface and advanced features, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate (Video Converter for Mac) is recommended as the best VOB to WMV converter that allows you to change DVD VOB movies into WMV in no time and with ease in Windows/Mac. You can just load your VOB files, select WMV as the output file format and start converting the video clips. Both Windows and Mac version are available for free download. Get the right version and then follow the instructions to complete the task easily and quickly.

Download VOB to WMV Converter:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

How to convert VOB files to WMV in clicks

Here the detailed way to convert VOB video files to WMV in Windows (Windows 8) is introduced. The steps to perform the conversion on a Mac are almost the same. You just need to check and make sure that the downloaded version is compatible with your computer's operating system.

Import VOB files to the conversion app

After installing Video Converter Ultimate, run it and click Add Files to import VOB files either from your local hard drive or portable devices connected to your computer. You can also directly drag VOB videos to the program for conversion. If your VOB files are in the DVD Video_TS folder, you can click Load DVD to add them.

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2 Edit the video

As you see, there is a big Edit panel at the end of each video item. Click it to enter the editing window, where you can trim videos into segments, crop videos to remove margins, apply special movie effects for a better visual effect, etc. With the built-in video editor, you can just create your unique and stunning video before the VOB to WMV conversion.

vob to wmv converter

3 Set WMV as the output format and start converting VOB to WMV

Click Output Format to select WMV from Format > Video as the export format. And click Output Folder to choose the destination folder for output files. Besides converting VOB clips to WMV, this program can also convert VOB to AVI, VOB to M4V, VOB to FLV, VOB to MP3 and many more.

vob files to wmv

Check to make sure all settings are OK and finally click Convert to start the conversion. Now you've made it! Why not get the converter now and convert your VOB movies with ease?

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

Here is the video tutorial about converting from VOB video format to WMV:

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Never mind I figured a way around that. For anyone who happens to find that your DVD has an error with uploading files into Aimersoft, just copy the files off your disc onto the hard drive and then upload them from there. The files don't seem to have sound on the board, but after converting them to WMV...they seem to have sound just fine. Yeah, wish the watermark wasn't there...but what can you do? Thanks anyway.
I tried doing this with a DVD, and all it kept saying when I tried to load the DVD was that the files weren't supported, even though they are all VOB, IFO, and BOP files. I tried uploading a VOB file straight, and all I got was a video with no sound.
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