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Easily Resize AVI Files without Losing Quality

If you are accustomed to keeping a lot of AVI files on your portable device or hard drive, you might be looking for a way to free up some space. In most cases, this problem can be resolved if you use a smart tool to resize AVI files. Aimersoft Video Editor is a great tool to consider because it has powerful and easy to use features that can help you to reduce large videos to smaller sizes.

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AVI is an extremely popular video format that is used to store files almost anywhere including phones, websites and camcorders. Though this format is used by many it still has a disadvantage. If you use your camera to record AVI videos, they will be too large for you to upload online in order to share or distribute easily. In this case, you have to reduce AVI files to make them smaller. There are many tools available to help you complete this task. Some of the AVI resizer tools can reduce the video sizes successfully, but they will deliver substandard output quality or the videos might have a thin bar going across the screen. Thankfully, the Aimersoft Video Editor can reduce your video sizes in an efficient manner and help you to avoid those problems.

Aside from the fact that this video editor can adjust the size of AVI videos without reducing the picture quality, it can also work well to change other formats such as MP4, WMV, ASF, MOV, VOB, FLV, MKV, and more. You could either change the original format to another with high compression rate or by lowering some parameters like bit rate, frame rate and resolution. Please follow the simple tips below to start your task after installing this powerful video editor to your computer.

Part 1. Simple steps for resizing an AVI video

Part 2. Trim AVI file to get smaller file size

Part 1. How to resize AVI video files with ease

1Load videos to the editing program

Launch the program and then browse to find the videos that you want to resize. Ensure that you have imported the videos successfully the program. This can be done by either clicking the Import button or dragging-n-dropping the video from the computer unto the User's Album.

resize avi

2Reduce AVI file size

Open up the Output window by clicking on the Create button. Here you will get two options to change the video size:

1) Click on Format to select another one with a video size that is relatively smaller from the list. As an example, you could change your original AVI video format to FLV to get a smaller size.

2) Click on the Advanced Settings button to lower the size of the videos by adjusting the frame rate, bit rate, resolution, and so on.

resize avi movie

Please note that there is a Scissors button available that will allow you to cut some of the unwanted sections from the videos and then work on the remaining parts to shrink AVI file size easily. Read below to find out how you would trim a video.

Part 2. Narrow down AVI videos by trimming the unwanted sections

1Add the video file

You can click the Import tab on the top left corner of the interface to load the files. All video files are loaded to the User's Album.

2Trim the video for smaller size

Drag the desired video into the Timeline Panel and then trim the sections that you want. For example, you could trim the start or the ending of the video by moving the slider in order to redefine these sections. After that, you would delete the unneeded part.

reduce avi file size

Note that you are also able to trim certain segments from the middle section of the clip if you want. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the time points to define where you would want a segment to begin and end.

3Trim the video for smaller size

Click the Create button to preview the trimmed video before saving. If the results are showing what you want, you can then generate the video to save it in any way. A window will pop up to give you four different options. You could click on Format to save the file in the regular video format on your local computer; upload to YouTube or Facebook by clicking the YouTube or Facebook tab; click on Device to export the file to play on mobile devices or click on DVD to burn the video.

avi resize

Finally, after you have completed the task and choose the desired output settings, you would click on Create once again to get the new file. The video editor will do the rest at a fast speed without changing the original video quality. When you have completed the entire process, you can click on the Find Target button to locate your new resized video.

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