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How to Play DVD with VLC Media Player

VLC is free multimedia software that supports lots of audio and video formats, including DVD. To play DVDs with VLC media player, no third-party software is needed. Just ensure your computer has a DVD drive that enables you to view the DVD.

Part 1. How to play DVD with VLC
Part 2. Why VLC failed to play DVD
Part 3. Get Excellent VLC Alternative to Play DVD

Part 1. How to play DVD with VLC

1. Insert the DVD disc you want to play into your computer's hard drive.

2. Open VLC and click File > Open Disc. Then you will see the Open dialog box. On the Disc tab, choose DVD as the disc type and make sure the DVD drive name is correct in Disc Device. If your DVD movies has chapters, subtitles, etc., don't select No DVD menus. And also set the starting point, audio track and subtitles.

vlc play dvd

3. Click OK to save the settings. You DVD disc will then start to play in VLC media player in a few seconds.

By the way, besides playing DVD, VLC can also help you rip and copy unprotected DVD for free. For the detailed guide, please refer to Rip DVD with VLC and Copy DVD with VLC.

Part 2. Why VLC won't play DVD

There could be a couple of reasons for the failing of playing DVD with VLC Media Player. First you should check whether the DVD can be played well on your DVD player. Sometimes, it is may be because of the content on the DVD. For instance, your DVD was burned at 8X or 16X speed while your computer can only handle 2X or 4X Media. On this occasion, you'd better convert the DVD to videos for smoothly playback with a DVD ripper.

Aimersoft DVD Ripper is just the right one to help you convert commercial DVD movies to any regular video and audio format, such as AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV, MP4, MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, etc. so that you can play the DVD anywhere you like. It also provides optimized output formats for iPhone (iPhone 5S/5C), iPad (iPad mini 2, iPad Air), Samsung tablets, LG, HTC smart phones and many other devices. The steps to convert DVD movie format are also very simple: Load DVD files, choose your desired output format and then click the Start button to begin the DVD ripping process. That's all you need to do. A Mac version that named Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac has been developed for Mac OS X Mavericks users.

Download Aimersoft DVD Ripper to convert and play DVD movies now:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Aimersoft DVD Ripper

The old version may also cause a rough playback experience. And the absence of VOB codec in VLC is one of another common reason for the display issue.

In these cases, you can do the following things to solve the problem.

  • 1. Uninstall VLC and go to http://www.videolan.org/ to download the latest version, install it and replay the DVD disc.
  • 2. Check the DVD drive region of your computer. For example, if your DVD is region 2 while your DVD drive is set to region 1, change the region of your computer DVD drive. Learn how to change DVD region code.
  • 3. Install VOB codec (or some universal codec packages) in the VLC player to activate the play ability of DVD files.

Part 3. Use VLC alternatives to play DVD

If you have went through all the methods above to the fix the "DVD Can't Play with VLC" issue and still failed to watch movies in DVD, then why not quit the cumbersome VLC and try other excellent VLC alternatives to play DVD.

1. Top Best VLC Alternative - Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Surpassing what the name shows you, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is the best alternative to VLC Media Player to play DVD on windows-based computer. Apart from converting video and audio format, this VLC alternative allows you to rip and convert DVD to support any media player or devices like iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4 and more. Most important of all, it can play DVD files (including IFO, ISO, VOB files) without having to install any extra codec packages. The built-in media player allows you to watch any DVD movies with HD visual experience without any hassles.

Download Windows VersionDownload Windows Version

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate - DVD Player

Tips: Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is available for Mac users. The supported computer operating system includes the latest Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9).

2. PowerDVD

PowerDVD is developed by CyberLink Corp. and can play any video, audio, pictures, DVD, Blu-ray and HD movies. It supports playback any files across PC, tablets, smart phones, TV and more. The supported OS include Windows 8. It's high playback image and audio quality makes it famous in the DVD player market. What makes people frustrated is that PowerDVD is expensive and its superabundant version usually makes users refused and hard to decide which to choose.


3. BS Player

BS Player is claimed to be the best multimedia player in the world. It supports DivX, HD, AVC video, movie, audio, DVD and YouTube files. There's a free basic version of BS player to fulfill users' needs. But if you want to navigate the DVD menu, you need to purchase it first. Besides, there's no "Play DVD" button, which means you need to upgrade to the pro version as per needs.

BS Player

To conclude, when you play DVD files with VLC and found it didn't work, just don't give up your DVD and there are several methods that can help you save your DVD enjoyment. Renew your VLC, rip DVD to VLC compatible format, install the codec needed to play DVD with VLC or even try some outstanding VLC alternative like Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. Just like the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. Watching DVD movies anywhere you like is easy as ABC now.

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What I mean is, simply don´t open up the VCL player to play any DVD´s or CD´s becuse it was never designed to handle such technology to begin with.
So far there have been numerous inaccurate claims suggesting that you can use VCL and Media Player to play DVD´s. You cannot use VCL player to play DVD´s. You can only use it to play VCL files, not DVDs. You cannot use Media Playe to play DVD´s either unless you are operating in a college or are part of some kind of firm or corporation and it´s up to them if you can play it or not. That is why VCL and Media Player usually work in academic or college buildings but not at home, so when people claim that they have used VCL playes and DVD players to successfully play DVD movies I will understnd them because I could play DVD movies using VCL until it became impossible for me. This has convinced people that decisions to make it harder and harder for VLC and Media Player to play DVD´s originate from the fact that Microsoft has never contained any DVD Player software to begin with. What they had was known as the Media Player and I say ´was´because it is mostly useful now to play music and movie files, but not music and movies on DVD´s or on disks. In other words, the supposed computer technology for DVD playback features hasn´t arrived yet. You can use DVD drives on television to play DVDs but not on computers since no computer has got any DVD drive to my knowledge. They just got called this name which confused a lot of customers, convincing them that the technology had in fact arrived and was ready for use in computers. Because the people who started this repeated the nonsential claim that Windows can handle DVD playback often enough in individual computer systems rather than in company computer systems they eventually got to believe it and so today they still believe that they have made DVD playback features availale to all using PC computers. That´s not true. Instead the cse is that you can use computer drives to play computer games and that was the original intention with the DVD playback feature which was constantly being announced as something which woul be usable for fims and cd´s. I could use my home computer 4 times to play DVD´s before I lost faith in the supposed, virtually nonexistent ability of VCL´s and Media Player programs to play them. We simply have to wait for the arrival of DVD playback compatible sotware or develop that software on our own terms and make sure it´s always region free. In other words, the hypothetical B.S. that VCL and ´Window Media Player´can successfully play DVD´s convinced it´s starters so much that they didn´t even notice how much B.S. it all was.
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