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How to Rip CD with VLC Media Player for Free

VLC is one the best free multi-platform media player. Besides playing videos, DVDs, converting videos, etc. you can also use VLC to rip audio CDs. Here we will teach you how to rip CD with VLC for free. Follow on to transform your favorite CD albums in digital format for playing with your MP3 players so that you can listen to them on the go.

First, download VLC from its official website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/. Follow the wizard to install the program and launch it.

Ripping audio CDs with VLC for free

1. Insert the CD disc you want to rip to your computer's disk drive and open VLC media player. Click "Media" on the toolbar and choose "Convert/Save" from the drop-down menu.

2. After that, you will be presented with an "Open Media" window. There are four tabs in this window. Now select "Disc" and click "Audio CD" under "Disc Selection". For "Disc device", click "Browse" to choose the source CD disc. And for "Starting Position", just hit the "up" arrow button to choose the track where you'd like to start. Eg. If you set it as 1, that means you want to rip the CD from the first song. When you finished the settings, click "Convert / Save" button to continue.

3. What goes next is the "Convert" window, where you can choose the destination folder and output audio settings. Choose "Profile" and click the tool icon to open the form window, where you can set the output audio codec, bitrate, channels and sample rate. Click "Save" to apply the settings.

4. Then you will go back to the "Convert" window. Just hit the "Start" button to converting CD to digital audio format. MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV, etc. After the conversion, you can play the CD songs on your portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

Below is the video tutorial on how to rip audio CDs with VLC for free :

That's all about how to rip CD with VLC. Very easy, right? Besides ripping audio CDs, you can also rip DVD with VLC. For the detailed guide on ripping DVD, you can follow Use VLC to rip DVD.

In addition, when you want to convert audio CDs to MP3 for free, you are not only confined to VLC. Some other free media players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc. can also rip CDs to MP3, WMA, etc. You can find the tutorial at iTunes rip CD, Windows Media Player Rip CD, Winamp Rip CD respectively.

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There is no \'Convert/Save\' option in my drop down menu. :-(
Doesn\'t work properly. Saves only last track into selected file. VLC ver. 2.0.8. How to save into multiple files?
Yes, this is what I\'m getting too. At the end, every time I end up with an mp4 of the very last track. This happens even if I delete every track except *another* one (say, track #1). Interestingly, if I stop it right at the end of one of its conversion processes, I can get a playable mp4 of whichever track it was working on. I can\'t figure out how to specify one track, let alone feed multiple names to the converter.
It doesn\'t work :(
No Greg, for me starting position to 0 does not give the whole album, it starts over into the same file : watching the explorer window i see the file size reverting to 0 bytes every time the player switches to the next song !
It\'s putting all tracks into a single MP3 file! Selected Audio CD, starting position is Here\'s the steps I\'m taking: Clicked Convert/Save, Clicked Disc tab, Selected Audio CD, starting position 0, Selected all tracks on the CD, Clicked Convert from the drop-down (Source: \"cdda:///D:/\" ) \"Destination file:\" is blank. I hit browse. Went to the desktop, made a folder, opened the folder, but it insists on a file name. \"Save as type\" shows all the available containers. Do I use a * wildcard or % for string or something? If I say something like \"Track.mp3\", it\'ll rip all the tracks into that one unplayable MP3. Also, for settings, the default profile is showing \"Video - H.264 + AAC (TS)\". That doesn\'t seem to be the most smart thing to display, considering I selected an Audio CD from the previous menu. But nonetheless, I click on \"Audio - MP3\" from the drop-down, then go to the settings, and I\'m met with various encapsulations, none of which look as though they\'re meant for audio and no way to disable it. I pick MPEG-TS just for the hell of it. Then I disable Video on the next tab, then after that for Audio I pick the MP3 265/kbps @ 44.1k. So how do you output to multiple MP3 files all at once? This all still seems geared toward ripping DVDs into a single track.
you must set the starting position to 0. that will give you the whole album :)
Hi, this converts one title for me. Do I have to put in every title individually? There must be a way to make this easier! ElGato
yeah you left out an important step. If you follow your instructions and do not enter a file name with the proper extension (mp3, for ex) will fail every time by simply silently doing nothing leaving you wondering what happened
Worked for me. When you name your destination file, give it the .wav extension (for example, enter myFile.wav for the name). I think you also have to choose the format as one of the audio options (it\'s on video by default).
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