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Top 4 Popular DRM Removal Software Review

Digital music & movies whether purchased from some online stores such as iTunes, Zune, Amazon, Rhapsody, BBC iPlayer, etc. or downloaded from torrent sites are always secured with DRM protection. This is to prevent piracy and unlawful distribution of the media files.

There are situations where one would like to play the files on non-specified players. For example, you bought music from iTunes designed by Apple but had a Zune player designed by Microsoft. It would be tricky to play the files without DRM removal. Luckily for you, there are several easy to use software that remove DRM for you and bring you that much closer to your files.

There are four most popular and best DRM converter software. For your benefit, they have been reviewed with a likes and dislikes lists. Find the best-suited DRM removal tool from the review below and set your files free!

1. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Download Win


  • iTunes uses "Fairplay" and Windows Media uses "Plays for Sure" DRM system. This is a universal DRM removal software for both systems mentioned.
  • Possesses a DRM media converter, integrated and powerful to not only convert audio to audio but also video to audio and video-to-video.
  • After automatically detecting a DRM protected file, it proceeds to convert by using a multi-thread intelligent parallel conversion system which saves time.
  • Not only does it convert at a superfast 10X speed, but also possesses Hi-Fi with ID3 well reserved.
  • Provides online after service, a 24-hour tech-support all days of the week and self-upgradability for lifetime.

drm removal software review


  • Only Windows compatible.
  • Depending on the files to be converted and the related library, it requires iTunes or Windows Media Player to be installed on the same system.
  • It's not as advanced as it claims to be, given that there are frequent errors in conversion. It is still a step or two away from perfection.

Below is a video tutorial on how to remove DRM from videos:

Download DRM Removal:

Download Win

2. myFairTunes


  • It's free!
  • It converts and removes DRM from iTunes M4P music.
  • It won't take much memory, as it is only 375KB sized file. Very useful for low-end systems and laptops.

drm media converter review


  • It is not completely free. It outputs only mp3 at the free stage.
  • One cannot choose settings for music quality, output audio file size and output preference.
  • Cannot convert DRM protected videos.
  • It needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, making it difficult to install.
  • It only supports iTunes 7.5.0 or below., suggesting a lack of upgrade in a long time.

3. QTFairUse


  • It's a freeware.
  • Converts .m4p music.
  • Simply drag and drop for batch conversions.

drm converter software review


  • Outputs only.m4a.
  • Cannot choose settings for music quality, size, etc.
  • Cannot convert DRM video files.
  • The program is a little difficult to use. Also has no upgrade and is incompatible with iTunes 8.

4. ShareDRMusic


  • It is a step ahead of regular DRM removal software. It converts both the protected & unprotected audio files.
  • Several output audio formats are supported as well as different portable players.
  • Has a free trial and a live upgrade option.

free drm removal software


  • A little bit expensive at $35 for merely an audio DRM removal.
  • Does not convert video files.
  • One has to manually build the conversion list, making it difficult for DRM removal novices.
  • Does not have much choice in output formats because it is missing .aac,.ape, .ogg, aiff, ac3, mka, .flac, etc.
  • Uses a lot of computer memory, making the conversion procedure sluggish especially while loading several files at the same time. Also cannot run other program at the same time while converting.


While the perfect all-purpose DRM removals  is yet to be made and released, the top 4 programs in market are worth your penny depending on your requirement.  The free DRM removal software myFairTunes is a good choice for those who only need to convert iTunes M4P files and are on a tight budget. On the other hand, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is undoubtedly worth it for those whose files spread across not only iTunes formats but also other DRM protected media files like WMV and WMA.

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Installed DRM converter software recently only to find it does not work with the new format of the iPlayer. If Aimersoft are unable to come up with new software I expect to receive a full refund.
Hi Smjpo, if you even have some problems, you can contact our support team, thanks a lot again.
Hi Smjpo, thanks for your feedback, we are sorry for the trouble.
I bought movie from itunes. if the movie is 2hrs long, then you need to wait 2hrs to remove drm.
drm removing take a lot of time. I bought power rangers series from itunes. it has 41 episodes. each episode long 20 minutes. I want to watch it on my tv.
Does DRM Remover work with Sky Downloads ?
I used the trial version to test this and I converted 1 min of the movie as a test. The conversion seemed to work well, but I had no sound. Upon further investigation I had no sound at all. I tried iTunes, YouTube, other players, no sound. When I uninstalled the software, then I got my sound back. The 1 minute trial conversion seemed to work well also (sound worked after uninstalling), but I had to uninstall software to get sound back. Does this software have an issue with redirecting the audio or something?
I uninstalled the Audible player on my Blackberry device because of technical issues and I intended reinstall the app to see if that would help, but to my surprise, Audible discontinued support for BB devices and removed the Audible player for BBs! I wasn\'t happy. I use my BB exclusively for listening to Audible books and I was left with an extensive library and no portable device to listen to my books (I don\'t own an ipod or other audio device and rely on my BB for music and audio books). Aimersoft\'s DRM removal worked for me and I didn\'t experience any of the problems with the I-Tunes messages others described here. However, it does take a long time to convert an audio book and the files were huge. I went into the settings and changed them all to the minimum file sizes and the sound quality is good. I convert files at night before I go to sleep and check the box marked \"turn off computer when finished.\" Transferring the audio file to your phone is easy and you can use your music player to listen to audio books. But be sure to write down the tracking numbers when you are finished listening! This way it\'ll be easier to find where you left off if you accidentally hit the \"stop\" button instead of \"pause.\" My OS is Windows 7
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