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How to Burn AVI to DVD to Play on Your DVD Player

Wondering how to burn your AVI videos, movies and TV shows to a DVD that can play on your home DVD player? Have multiple videos in AVI format and want to burn them to only one DVD disc (My DVD-9 can hold all my movies)? Is there any possibility to burn a single DVD from multiple AVI files for playing on home DVD player? It's quite easy to create a video DVD that can be played on DVD player from multiple AVI videos if you get the right DVD burning tool and the video size doesn't exceed your disc capacity. Here I'll show you the best way to convert AVI to DVD in both Mac and Windows. You don't need to be a master; you just need to get a DVD maker.

Here Aimersoft DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac) is recommended as the best tool to burn AVI to DVD in Windows (Windows 8) and Mac OS X (10.9 Mavericks and 10.8 Mountain Lion included).There are a number of reasons why Aimersoft DVD Creator is such a popular choice:

convert avi to dvd

Aimersoft AVI to DVD Converter

Burn a single or multiple AVI files to DVD in a click

  • Burn all major formats like MP4, MOV, AVI to DVD
  • Create Custom DVD menus, free menu templates are offered
  • Customized photo slideshows, store all your photos on a disc
  • Editing features: Trim, crop, effects, rotate and watermarks
  • Convert multiples files a time while keeping the original quality
  • Green software - Virus-free, no extra codec or plug-ins needed

It doesn't matter if you want to convert AVI to DVD or any other formats to DVD, the Aimersoft DVD Creator is an all in one solution that caters to all of your DVD creating needs. From FLV files to DAT, DVR- MS, MP4 and a host of other formats, you can easily convert all of the major formats to DVD using this program! You can also create custom DVD menus using the program's menu creator! If you are creating a DVD full of pictures, you can also create customized slideshows to give a better effect! From rotating, trimming and cropping to a host of others, you can easily edit pictures and videos using the Aimersoft DVD Creator!

If you're using a Mac, simply turn to Aimersoft DVD Maker for Mac to burn multiple AVI files to DVD on Mac OS X (including Lion and Mountain Lion). Now download the right version according to your situation and follow the steps below to create a DVD from your AVI files.

Steps to burn AVI to DVD with Aimersoft DVD burner

Video Tutorial on how to convert AVI to DVD in Windows (Windows 8)

3,450,827 people have downloaded it.

Another 5 Software for burning AVI to DVD

Other AVI to DVD burner



ConvertX to DVD
  • Easy to use interface
  • Quick conversion
  • Support for other formats
  • Paid program
  • Trial version not satisfactory
  • Loss of quality sometimes reported
AVI DVD Burner
  • Easy, hassle free conversion
  • Doesn't take up a lot of time
  • Process is quite straightforward
  • Only for AVI to DVD conversion/ no support for other formats
  • Loss in quality.
WinX DVD Author
  • One click conversion
  • Quick conversion times
  • No additional features
  • No picture editing
  • Crashes quite often.
AVI to DVD Free
  • Free!
  • One click conversion
  • Loss in quality quite often
  • Very slow conversion
AVI to DVD Converter
  • Quick and easy conversion
  • Doesn't take up a lot of space
  • No additional features
  • Very poor customer supported

As you can see, from all of these programs, the Aimersoft DVD Creator still stands out as being the finest option available. Get it now:

Tang KY
I have just bought aimersoft dvd creator and have NOT successfully produced dvd from this software. This error message "conversion failure" comes persistently on during the burning process and halts the burning process is halted during my many attempts. I see that the discussion in this forum focuses on converting avi files into dvd. Can the software convert mp4 files into dvd too ?
Hi, Irinehart. If you are using Windows version, the Option button is the gear-shaped icon on the top right corner of the interface. If you are using Mac version, you can click Aimersoft DVD Creator (on the top left corner) > Preferences to set the playback mode.
Where is this Option button to set the Disc Playback Mode? I can\'t find it?
Hi,Punahou Puns. You can click the Option button to set the Disc Playback Mode. There are three options for you to choose.
When I made a DVD, I used a menu. The DVD was a bunch of short YOuTube videos. Problem is, when I play the DVD this happens: it will play there first video, then go back to the menu. Then I have to select the second video on the menu before that will play. When the second video is done, again it goes back to the menu and I have keep selecting a video to play. How can I get the DVD to play continuously without having it go back to the menus each time a video is done?
\"When I used the trial version and finished converting the DVD files, there was an Aimersoft watermark at the middle of screen. How can I make it go away?\" I had the same problem. If I buy it, I will be able to take out the watermark of the DVD I had already used with the trial version? If I do not pay 50 dollars for it, it means I lost a DVD, right?
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, what\'s the format of the subtitles? We highly recommend .srt format.
did that, it won\'t work, subtitles aren\'t loaded...
Aimersoft Employee
Hello. The converting speed depends on many factors, like file size, DVD disc, and more. 
my dvd creator is taking a long time to convert is their anything I can do to speed up the process? It used to take 45 mins and now it is more like 4 hours
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