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How to Burn AVI to DVD to Play on Your DVD Player

Wondering how to burn your AVI videos, movies and TV shows to a DVD that can play on your home DVD player? Here I'll show you the best way to convert AVI to DVD in both Mac and Windows. You don't need to be a master; you just need to get a DVD maker.

Here Aimersoft DVD Creator for Mac (DVD Creator) is recommended as the best tool to burn AVI to DVD in Mac OS X (Mountain Lion included)/Windows (Windows 8). In addition to AVI, this program can also convert other types of video formats to DVD, including MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV and more. Just download it and follow the easy steps below to burn AVI files to a DVD that can be played on any standard DVD players.

Download AVI to DVD Converter:

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

After downloading, install and open the program and then follow the guide below to burn DVD from AVI videos easily and quickly with high video quality.

Part 1. How to burn AVI to DVD on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion)

Part 2. How to convert AVI to DVD in Windows (Windows 8)

Part 1. How to burn AVI to DVD on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion)

1 Import AVI videos

Run DVD Creator for Mac and add the AVI videos you want to burn to the program. The easiest way to do this is to drag-and-drop the video clips to the right item bar. Or you can click "+" to browser and select AVI video files from your hard drive. The green bar shows the size of all added media files. Keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't exceed the capacity of your DVD disc.

burn avi to dvd mac

2Edit AVI videos and select a DVD menu (optional)

By clicking the Edit button that appears beside each video clip, you can enter the Video Edit window, where you can trim video, crop video, rotate video, adjust video effects, add text/image watermarks and more to customize the video so as to get the part and effect you want.

convert avi to dvd mac

Meanwhile, click the Menu button to choose a DVD menu from the free templates and then personalize it with your favorite frame, button, thumbnail, music, etc.

avi to dvd converter mac

3Start burning AVI files to DVD on Mac

Now you've got everything done and preview to make sure all goes as you have expected. At last, insert a blank DVD disc into your Mac's DVD-ROM and click the Burn button to start converting all the added AVI clips to DVD. After that, you can freely enjoy your AVI videos on DVD players and TV.

Part 2. How to convert AVI to DVD in Windows (Windows 8)

1 Add AVI files to the program

Launch the program and you will see an intuitive interface as the picture below shows. Click Import to load the AVI movies you'd like to burn. Or first locate the AVI files on your PC and then drag them to the main interface of the program for burning. After all the files are loaded, click the Up and Down arrow to organize DVD titles to suit your needs.

convert avi to dvd

2 Edit your videos and customize the DVD menu (optional)

An awesome DVD should have a great visual effect, right? With this powerful DVD creator, you can touch up your videos in clicks with the built-in editor. Simply click the Edit button beside a video to perform video editing functions like Trim, Crop, Rotate, Enhance, etc. Moreover, it allows you to insert plug-in .srt, .ass and .ssa subtitles to better convey the movie.

burn avi to dvd

The same as the Mac AVI to DVD burner, Aimersoft DVD Creator provides various free DVD menu templates for your choice. Click Menu and select one from the DVD menu styles (If you don't choose one, the program will randomly apply one). And if you don't want the menu, just choose No Menu to skip it.

burn avi to dvd

3 Start to create your DVD from AVI in Windows 8/7/XP/Vista

Finally, insert a blank DVD into your computer's disc drive (D5, D9, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, etc.) and set the burning parameters under Burn tab. When all settings are OK, click Preview to have a look at what the final DVD looks like. Now click the Burn button to start burning your AVI videos to DVD on your PC.

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

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Hi, Irinehart. If you are using Windows version, the Option button is the gear-shaped icon on the top right corner of the interface. If you are using Mac version, you can click Aimersoft DVD Creator (on the top left corner) > Preferences to set the playback mode.
Where is this Option button to set the Disc Playback Mode? I can't find it?
Hi,Punahou Puns. You can click the Option button to set the Disc Playback Mode. There are three options for you to choose.
When I made a DVD, I used a menu. The DVD was a bunch of short YOuTube videos. Problem is, when I play the DVD this happens: it will play there first video, then go back to the menu. Then I have to select the second video on the menu before that will play. When the second video is done, again it goes back to the menu and I have keep selecting a video to play. How can I get the DVD to play continuously without having it go back to the menus each time a video is done?
"When I used the trial version and finished converting the DVD files, there was an Aimersoft watermark at the middle of screen. How can I make it go away?" I had the same problem. If I buy it, I will be able to take out the watermark of the DVD I had already used with the trial version? If I do not pay 50 dollars for it, it means I lost a DVD, right?
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, what's the format of the subtitles? We highly recommend .srt format.
did that, it won't work, subtitles aren't loaded...
Aimersoft Employee
Hello. The converting speed depends on many factors, like file size, DVD disc, and more. 
my dvd creator is taking a long time to convert is their anything I can do to speed up the process? It used to take 45 mins and now it is more like 4 hours
Aimersoft Employee
Hello, you can add subtitles by clicking the Edit button to open the editing window; and then turn to the subtitle tab to tick "Enable the plug-in subtitle".  If you still have any questions when using Aimersoft DVD Creator, please feel free to contact us. 
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